Why Camping is Fun? 10 Reasons to Try It

engaging in fun camping activities with friends

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Camping is a tradition in so many homes. Lots of campers troop into campgrounds all over the world each year. The population of people that are into this activity tells you how interesting it is. If you’ve never gone out in the wild, and you’re wondering why camping is fun, you need to try it sometime.

Camping is a much peaceful and natural experience when compared to life in the city. When you’re out camping, you’re exposed to nature’s beauty and awe-inspiring presence.

If you go camping with a group of people, there are always so many activities to do; from laughing around a warm campfire to hiking along trails, pitching tents, and lots more.

Why is Camping Fun?

There are many reasons why camping is fun. This article will provide you with more details on the topic – just read on.

1. You Will Learn New Skills

There are a lot of survival skills that you will learn when you go camping. You never know when these skills may save your life.

You don’t learn how to make a campfire, build a tent from scratch, or catch fish by sitting at home. You learn these skills when you’re out in the wild.

2. You Will Create Long-Lasting Memories

There are so many exciting exercises and events that you get to experience on a camping trip.

Take your family and friends out with you on these trips to make wonderful memories that remain with you for life.

3. You Will Set Up Your Own Camp

Just like any other trip, you have to set up your things and prepare the area for the purpose of convenience and comfort. The setting up stage of a camping trip is always exciting.

To properly set up camp, you need to find a nice spot to park your RV or pitch your tent. You also need to locate nearby streams, lakes, or rivers – which would serve as a water source.

You need to find a comfortable spot where you can set up a temporary toilet – if the campground doesn’t make provisions for that. Setting up your tent, getting wood for a fire, and other setting up activities are always fun.

4. You Will Meet New People

Just like several other social gatherings, camping trips also offer you the chance to meet other people and make new friends or you can gather with your friends and family in a 12 person camping tent for an unforgettable experience.

While sitting around a campfire, fishing for a big catch, or hiking along a trail, you can start up conversations with fellow campers, and build relationships from there. You never know the strong bonds that you would make with the friends you’ve just met at camp.

5. You Will Discover New Places

Another reason why camping is fun is that camping exposes you to some new grounds, and even landmark sites.

There are various campgrounds in amazing places across the world. Feel free to pick out a campground that features amazing scenery and magnificent elements of nature.

6. Rules Aren’t That Important in the Wild

Another great feature of camping trips is the fact that you don’t need to worry about some rules that apply back home.

When you’re out in the wild, amidst nature’s beauty, you are free to do lots of stuff. Feel free to run round in the open space, howl loudly into the wind, jump in a lake and cool off – you get the gist.

Because you’re away from your regular routines, like school or work, that you engage in while at home, you can let go of certain rules. For instance, you can ignore the usual timing for breakfast, dinner, and even bedtime. Cut the kids some slack and let them have fun on this camping exercise.

7. You Will Get Away from the City Bustle

You also get to escape urban living. If you’re getting tired and stressed from the constant hustle that comes with living in the city, you need to make plans for a camping trip. Camping takes you away from the densely populated cities to a serene and natural environment.

It would definitely be a fun experience to dwell within nature’s beauty for some days or weeks. You can enjoy doing several activities like hiking, biking along trails, playing games around a campfire, catching fish, and more.

8. You Can Get Your Pets with You

As long as pets are allowed on the campground you’ve chosen (make sure to check if they’re allowed), you should bring your pet friend along. Pets always add to the fun and love at camp.

9. You Will Enjoy the Stars in the Sky

When you like in a densely populated, and polluted city or town, you might never get a good view of the bright stars at night.

You’d be surprised at how brightly the stars shine when you’re lying in your sleeping pad out in the wild.

10. You Will Have a Romantic Time

Another strong selling point for camping trips is the romantic feel that it offers to couples. When you and your partner are too busy with school or work, you might really have time to be together and have some fun.

A camping trip takes you and your lover away from all those distractions. You can take time to properly plan a romantic camping trip with your spouse; a trip filled couple-friendly activities like picnics beside amazing scenery, a night beneath the stars, snuggling together under a warm blanket in your tent, and more.

It’s a truly romantic experience to brave the wild elements of nature together with the one you love.

Final Thoughts

With all that has been said, you can now see why camping is fun so you should consider going on a trip if you want to escape the stress of city life.

If you don’t have enough time to spend on the things you love or with your family and friends, a camping trip would surely do the trick. From setting up at camp to engaging in other fun activities, you get to build memories that would last you for life.

The skills that you acquire from camping trips, like fishing, foraging, building tents, and more, would help you in many ways.

So, plan a camping trip with friends and family. You can be sure of having loads of fun.


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