What is Cowboy Coffee and How to Make It

cowboy coffee recipe to make at camp

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If you have no former experience with cowboy coffee, you’re in for an exciting treat. You may be wondering what is cowboy coffee? It’s is simply coffee that you prepare yourself with the aid of water, pot, and some beans. 

The quality of this coffee is as good as the maker’s experience level. If you’ve never tried making it before, you may flop woefully on the first attempt. However, with interest and proper guidance, you can make an amazing cup of coffee.

How to Make Cowboy Coffee

For many years, different recipes have been used to produce amazing coffee drinks from coffee beans.

Although there are different approaches used in the making of coffee, the end result is always great when the right recipe is used. The cowboy coffee recipe is among the various existing recipes for coffee.

It has been adopted by several individuals across the globe. Using this recipe to make a fine coffee drink is one of the many activities done while camping.

It can be experimented with for fun and experience. With the right procedure followed, you can make a really nice cup of this coffee – regardless of its not so refined methods.   

Cowboy Coffee Recipe

With the right recipe, you can make a nice cup of the beverage for yourself.

Follow the steps below to learn how to do it now:

1. Boil the Water

Grab your kettle for boiling water and fill ¼ of its volume with water.

Prepare a controlled fire for boiling the water and place your kettle over it. The fire shouldn’t be burning wildly. You can position a grate over the fire to reduce the flames getting to the kettle.    

After the kettle is removed from the fire, it would be really hot at that point. You need to make preparations to cool it down fast and nice. Dig up a little hole in the soil that you can place the kettle’s base into for a quick cool-down effect.

2. Mix Eggshells

After completing the first step, the next step involves mixing in some eggshells. Get the needed eggshells together and crush them to bits.

Take portions of the grinded eggshells and spread evenly over coffee grounds.

The point of doing this is to coagulate the coffee grounds effectively – thanks to the presence of albumin residue in the eggshells.  

3. Put the Eggshells and Coffee Grounds in the Water

After the water has reached the 100⁰C mark, boiling temperature, put the grinded eggshell and coffee grounds in the water.

Allow the coffee ground to settle at the bottom of the solution while the water rises back up to boiling temperature.

4. Wait and Enjoy the Coffee

Now, wait and watch for the water to begin boiling again. At the expected boiling temperature, take the kettle off the fire and place it down safely.

Let the kettle sit undisturbed for around five minutes. Within that time, the coffee grounds should settle down to the bottom of the kettle.

After that has been done, the cowboy coffee is ready for consumption. Carefully empty the contents of the kettle into your coffee mug so that the grounds don’t rise from the kettle’s base.

The hole made in the soil can be used to maintain a hot temperature in the kettle. Place the kettle gently in the hole and insulate its walls with some loose soil.

Cowboy Coffee vs. Other Types of Coffee

Back when cowboys were living in the 19th century’s Wild West, coffee was made through the long process of roasting fresh coffee beans and then putting it through brewing. However, times have changed and roasted coffee beans are manufactured and distributed across the globe on a really large scale.

Regardless of the availability of already roasted coffee beans, some people still like to roast theirs at home. This is possible through the use of certain electronic appliances. 

Cowboy coffee is made over a controlled fire in a pot. During the process of making it, particles of coffee grounds settle at the bottom of the kettle. These grounds can find their way into your cup if care isn’t taken. However, with the right level of caution, you can enjoy clean coffee.

Cowboy coffee has a lot of advantages. When it’s made right, you can quickly brew a nice pot of the beverage for you and your friends. The whole process is simple and straightforward once you’ve mastered it.

Usually, a cup of coffee has a significant level of acidity; this causes uncomfortable effects in some people and discourages them from drinking coffee.

The good news is that its preparation process reduces the sour taste and acidity levels that may typically be found in other coffee brews.   

Final Thoughts

At this point, I believe that we’ve satisfactorily addressed the question of what is cowboy coffee and if you haven’t tried it before, now you can.

The process isn’t complex and it can be done at various locations. You can try it with your friends and see how it goes. Your first attempt at making the brew may not be perfect but that doesn’t mean you won’t get it eventually.

This is a recipe that has been tested by many people across the globe. The fact that this brew has a reduced level of acidity makes it nice for people that can’t tolerate high acidity content.


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