How We Review

If you have been searching for a reliable resource for in-depth reviews on camping gear and tools, then you are in the right place. 99Camping is committed to providing our visitors and readers with comprehensive reviews and in-depth analysis of different types of camping and outdoor equipment. We ensure that you get helpful information on a wide range of camping gear and equipment.

Unlike other review sites, we provide you with valid information relevant to the world of camping. We give you tried and tested recommendations on the best outdoor equipment to enhance your camping experience.

Our reviews are extremely informative and cover different aspects of each product we recommend including the pros and cons identified by other users of the product. Our goal is to ensure that you choose and carry with you the most practical and effective gear on your next camping trip.

We are passionate about camping which is why we focus on providing thorough and unbiased reviews of a wide range of outdoor products available on the market today including jackets, tents, pocket knives, boots, and everything in between. We not only provide you with informative reviews but also tell you about the experience of other customers who have bought the same product. 

Our reviews go through comprehensive and comparative analysis to ensure that we give you as much factual information as possible. We begin the examination of each product we review by researching for information about the products from other camping and outdoor equipment enthusiasts and experts through interviews and online testimonials to create a factual guide designed to help you make an informed decision before you purchase the product.

Every product review you read on our blog must meet the following conditions:

  • A thorough examination and analysis that includes all the relevant information about the product including answers to the most common questions people ask about the product.
  • An unbiased opinion about the product and its performance. We try to be neutral and factual in our reviews without taking sides but will always provide a factual verdict based on features, price, and reliability of the best product in our review.
  • Our reviews are also informative to ensure that you have all the details about the performance and other features of the product.
  • We write our reviews from the viewpoint of an actual user of the product. This is because in most cases we have practically used the product and understand how the product measures against similar products on the market.

Expert Online Reviews

We also seek information about products that we review from other outdoor enthusiasts’ testimonials, reviews, opinions, and experiences with the product. We regularly check other forums on related products and niches to find out what the users and experts are saying about the products we review.

This gives us a credible source of information and experiences from other users of the products besides our own testing and analysis. We collect the most valued reviews, features, and videos on a variety of camping and outdoor gear to save you the trouble of going through the tedious research process when shopping for similar products.