How to Stay Cool While Camping in the Summer

stay cool while camping outdoors in the heat

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The natural scene at camp can be truly marvelous. Many things visually appeal to the eyes and there are also sweet fresh scents from plants and flowers around. The serenity of camp can be enjoyed as you recline in your comfy chair and sip some beverage from your mug.

If you’ve set up your hammock in a nicely shaded area, you can lie down and let the cool evening breeze blow over you. So far as there are no dark rain clouds above you, the afternoon can be spent hiking a trail or fishing on a lake. Many other activities can be planned out either in a group or by oneself.

As you engage in your favorite camping activities, you may begin to feel hot – especially when the sun is shining brightly. What do you do when the temperatures are rising and you start to feel uncomfortable?

To answer this question, you must know how to stay cool while camping. Staying cool at camp requires a number of know-hows. Keep reading to find out more.

Camping in Hot Weather and Staying Cool

You don’t have to suffer from the hot summer’s heat if you know how to stay cool while camping.

Here are things to do when trying to stay cool at camp:

1. Drink a Lot of Water

Water is important when you’re trying to regulate body temperature and fight heat. First off, make sure you have enough drinking water when you’re at camp or get a water purifier for camping to use to clean the water.

You should also keep your body hydrated always by drinking enough water. Whenever there’s a high climatic temperature, you’re going to sweat a lot more; the body needs to consume more water to keep up with the effects of sweating.

For the purpose of convenience, you can purchase a water bladder that will supply you with water while on the move.

2. Eat Only Cold Food

Would you like to drink hot tea when it’s very hot outside? I doubt it. I bet you’d prefer a cold meal to counter the heating effect of the sun.

Make sure you pack some cold meals in a cooler while heading down to camp. Serve yourself a dish of chilled fruits and salads that you packed from home.

You can take water-rich fruits like watermelons. These would keep you cool, hydrated, and also satisfied.

3. Wear Light Clothes

Your choice of clothing does a lot. During hot weather, it’s good to have a majority of light-material clothes; you may wear thicker ones at night when it’s colder. Also, avoid wearing black-colored outfits in the sun.

The color black is popular for being able to absorb ample amounts of sun rays and generate heat. It would be a sore mistake to dress in all-black for a hike in the sun.

4. Camp Near a Lake or Creek

If you’ve ever camped near a large body of water, you’ll have enjoyed a cooler atmosphere. Before settling for a particular campground, check to see the availability of large water bodies.

After getting one that satisfies your need, position your tent at a close, but safe proximity to the lake or river. You can conveniently walk down to the river or lake for a cool swim in the hot afternoon. You may even team up with a group of others for a fun time in the river.

Feel free to get creative with exciting activities as you swim with friends in the nearby lake or river.

5. Get a Breathable Tent

If you want to enjoy your camping exercise, you must make the right choice of tent.

The material used to make your selected tent should facilitate ventilation. Instead of materials that block the flow of air into and out of the tent.

The ventilating features of the tent should also be effective. For example, choose a tent with windows that are large enough and positioned for effective cross ventilation. The doors should also facilitate airflow; preferably one with double doors.

6. Set Up the Tent Under a Shade

If your tent is positioned in a place that receives direct sunlight, you’ll end up sweating profusely. Shaded areas would block off the hot sun rays from heating up your tent space and you won’t even need a camping air conditioner either.

The sun is especially hot in the afternoon. You should purchase a camping shade that can effectively block off sunlight even during the hottest afternoon.

There are aluminum camping shades that can block off sun rays and consequently keep your tent cool.

7. Apply Sunscreen

You may already have experience with using sunscreen in really hot weather – maybe from visits to the beach.

Grab your sunscreen while also going to camp and rub some on exposed parts of the body. Make sure that your sunscreen’s SPF rating is effective.

8. Put on a Hat

A good hat can shield you from the adverse effects of the sun’s rays. Get a nice hat with a wide brim to block off as much sun rays as possible.

The hat you’re going for should have a UPF specification of about 50 units.

Final Thoughts

Practicing these steps would do much good for your comfort. There are times when the sun is really hot and you find yourself participating in some activity regardless. If you don’t want to end up with bad sunburn or some heat rash, you need to practice some of these cooling techniques.

Make sure you pack enough drinking water on your way to camp. You may sweat a lot and lose body water as a consequence. Consuming water frequently will keep you hydrated, refreshed, and ready for the next exciting activity.

Remember to also check your campsite for a nearby water body – like a river or lake. These can be useful for swimming on hot afternoons. The water sourced from the river can also be used for other purposes.

With proper preparation, your camping trip will be a cool success.


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