How to Set Up a Tarp for Camping in 3 Steps

set up tarp for camping

Tarps are one of the key items used by several campers when on a camping trip. If you’ve never gone camping before, and this is your first time, you should purchase tarp for the adventure. Tarp is a very reliable material because it can be used for various purposes. When you’re setting up a tent at camp, tarp can be used to successfully implement the tent. It will protect you and your stuff from the elements.

There are several methods on how to set up a tarp for camping. You might even get confused when trying to find the best method. Here we will take you through a relatively simple set of steps.

Setting Up Your Tarp for Heavy Rain Camping

The steps outlined and explained in this writing have been compiled from different reliable sources.

They will give you the information you need to set up a tarp for camping.

1. Spread the Tarp

There are several approaches that can be taken to successfully set up a tarp. However, I will be sharing steps that I personally believe to be the best. The first is properly spreading out the tarp.

When you’re spreading out the tarp, you need to make sure that it’s fastened in the direction of the anchor. The tarp is also meant to protect you from rain, so you must position it to block the rain.

There are also strong winds that may threaten to blow your shelter off. Make sure that you spread out the tarp in such a way that the wind can only blow against the edges, instead of blowing into the face of the tarp.

The more streamlined your tarp’s edges are, the more effective it would be against strong wind.

2. Use an Anchor

When learning to set up a tarp for camping, you must consider using an anchor. Just as anchors are characteristically used to hold various objects in place, an anchor would also be needed to hold your tarp in position.

There are mighty winds that would threaten to blow off the tarp, but a good anchor would prevent that from happening.

You might be trying to imagine what the anchor looks like – maybe an actual ship anchor? You should know that all you actually need is any object that’s heavy enough to hold the tarp in place.

Pick from among the items that you’ve brought on the trip, and secure the tarp to these objects with a rope.

3. Tie a Good Knot

If you’re an expert at tying knots, this step would be really easy for you. However, you should know that a decent, easy to loosen knot is what you need – you don’t have to outdo yourself with the knot.

There are various knot styles for you to choose from. You must pick one that would be easy to tie and loosen. I suggest that you go for the Clove hitch knot; it’s extremely popular among several campers.

This knotting style works well for setting up a tarp. It’s easily made and even a novice would get it in no time. You can also try out the Taut-line hitch knot.

Extra Tips

  • You have to position your tarp in such a way that both sides are of uneven height. This is a way to keep rainwater out of your tent.
  • Adding a little drainage system to your tarp’s exterior would also keep away rainwater.
  • If you don’t want your tarp to get blown off, you need to ensure that the sides are tightly straightened out.

Final Thoughts

Tarps are strong and reliable materials for making camp shelters. This is why you should know how to make use of them.

With your tarp properly set up, you and your belongings would be adequately protected from the rain and strong winds.

Remember that you need an anchor if you want to secure the tarp in its position. This anchor can be any of your camping items that’s heavy enough.

With all that has been provided, I hope you have a nice time setting up your tarp at camp.


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