How to Make Tent Camping Comfortable

how can you make your tent camping way more comfortable

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When you’re out camping it’s important that you’re comfortable so that you can enjoy the whole camping experience. If you don’t have a good sleep at night while you’re at camp, you probably won’t be able to enjoy yourself the next day.

How do you have a comfortable time when you’re in your tent? Some people strongly believe that you need to sleep on the bare ground if you want to have the true camping experience. Sleeping on the bare ground cannot be comfortable when you’re not used to that sort of thing.

Even if you’ve been doing it before, it still can’t be compared to sleeping in a more comfortable and homely way. There would be a clear difference in the activities of someone who got up from bare ground in the morning and someone who got up from a proper bed with blankets and a pillow.

Keep on reading to learn how to make your tent camping comfortable. This would be very useful to you if you’re not interested in crashing on bare ground or camping without a tent when you’re outdoors.

Making Your Camping Tent More Comfortable

Follow this list of detailed instructions on making amping with your tent comfortable for you and your family.

1. Pick a Good Campsite 

If you pitch your tent on some rough, inclined, rock-filled ground, you’ll be full of regrets all through your camping experience.

If you don’t want this, you need to pay attention to pitching your tent on the right side.

Take the possibility of flooding into consideration when you’re setting up your tent. Look for some elevated ground that won’t get flooded when the rain comes pouring down.

2. Organize All Your Stuff 

Sleeping or just relaxing in a scattered tent might not be so comfortable. It’s important that you keep your tent clean and your belongings (shoes, clothes, equipment, and more) out of the way.

Try to get some cloth hanging equipment that would fit nicely in your tent without taking too much space. This would ensure that your clothes aren’t causing any obstructions to your comfort.

You can also stretch a taut line between ends in the tent – to serve as cloth hangers. S-hooks and carabiners can also be creatively used to keep things off the tent floor.

3. Put a Ground Cover Under Your Tent 

The next thing you should plan on getting for a comfortable time in your camping tent is the ground cover.

There are a couple of things that can be used as ground cover if you don’t want to be sleeping on bare, rocky ground. Check for some foam or air-cell pads at a nearby store or in your house (if there’s extra foam you can take on the trip).

When picking out the ground cover, you need to consider how much room will be available beneath the tent. You don’t want to take something that won’t fit inside.

4. Get a Sleeping Bag

Getting a sleeping bag as you set out for your camping trip will do a lot for you. Depending on what season the camping trip is planned for, your sleeping bag will keep your body at just the right temperature.

Imagine that you’re out camping in the cold winter. You’ll definitely need to keep your body warm at night. There are sleeping bags that provide your body with just the right amount of warmth that you need on cold winter nights.

If you’re out camping in summer, the sleeping bags that you would use cannot be as thick or heavy as those for winter.

5. Warm Up the Sleeping Bag

You can get more comfortable while sleeping if you warm up your sleeping bag. To do that, you need to boil some clean water in a kettle or some pot and pour the boiled water into a heat-resistant bottle.

Carry out this process some minutes before going to sleep. Place the heated bottle inside your sleeping bag for some nice warming heat.

Consider getting an adjustable sleeping bag so that you can have a little control over the amount of heat provided by the bag. You can also pad the empty spaces inside the sleeping bag with some clothes. Wear a head-warmer and some socks when you’re about going to sleep for that extra warmth.

6. Use Pillows

Your camping tent would be incomplete if you don’t have a pillow in it.

Grab a pillow or two when you’re heading out on your camping trip. You could also get camping pillows which are actually made specifically for camping exercises.

These pillows are more efficient than regular home pillows when you’re at camp. They aren’t as heavy and large as regular home pillows.

7. Wear an Eye Mask 

When you’re out camping in the woods with wild birds and animals, you can expect them to disturb your sleep with their cries and songs at night.

You should take some earplugs and headphones (so that you can play some relaxing music when you’re about to sleep) with you. These will keep all sleep-disturbing noises out while you’re sleeping.

You should also take an eye mask with you. This will help to cover your eyes from any sleep-disturbing lights that the tent has failed to keep out.

8. Keep Mosquitos and Insects Away

Pests and mosquitoes can greatly contribute to your inconvenience when you’re out camping.

Make sure that you patch up any hole in your tent if you don’t want some uninvited visitors tormenting you at night. You can also purchase some insecticide, lavender or citronella to help you in combating bugs.

Make sure that your tent isn’t littered with unfinished food so that dangerous animals and pests won’t be attracted to your tent.

9. Time Your Toilet Breaks

Going out to use the toilet when it’s already dark could be a challenge. It is better for you to relieve yourself of any bowel movements before going to bed.

If the need does arise in the middle of night, you should have prepared yourself by keeping a flashlight near you and possibly lighting up the path that leads to the toilet beforehand.

10. Keep Calm

It’s not strange for you to feel scared or uneasy when you’re out camping in the wild. You need to stay calm at times like that.

The jitters only last for the first couple of nights. You get more confident and unafraid later on. Just try to keep your mind on some peaceful and relaxing thoughts when you’re in your tent.

You can listen to some soothing music or read a book till you sleep off. You can also leave your flashlight on if that makes you feel better.

Final Thoughts

It’s obvious that you need to learn how to make tent camping comfortable if you don’t want to end up sleeping on bare rocks or itchy grass.

Follow the guidelines that we have given you and you will definitely have a nice, comfortable time in your tent. Remember to bring pillows, sleeping bags, bug-sprays, bug net, head-warmers, foams, and other things that will make your tent a comfort-filled reality.

Make sure to stay calm if you’re feeling afraid at night. It’s normal to feel that way when you’re out in the wild.

Listen to some music or read a nice book to take your mind off your fears and make you sleep off easily. If you can follow our tips above, you’ll be just fine.


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