How to Make a Hand Washing Station for Camping

DIY hand washing station for camping

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Good hygiene is extremely important. Being dirty doesn’t do any good for you. Considering the nature of campgrounds or if you’re doing bushcraft camping, you would be exposed to a lot more dirt and bacteria.

This is why this article is essential for campers. You might be wondering why you would need to construct a make-shift hand washing station; besides, campgrounds should have proper bathhouses and clean water.

You need to understand that not all campgrounds will provide you with clean water or a bathhouse that’s at favorable proximity to your tent.

It’s because of situations like this that you need to learn how to make a hand washing station for camping in the easiest way or even build a camping tent on your own. The handwashing station that we will be teaching you to make can also serve for dishwashing.

How to Make an Outdoor Handwashing Station

Follow these easy steps, and you will have a great time making your own hand washing station.

1. Open a Hole in the Plastic Jug

At this stage, you need to have a camping multi-tool, a plastic jug, and a golf tee. The golf tee is to be shoved through a hole that you make on one bottom end of the plastic jug.

The hole shouldn’t be on the same side as the jug’s handle, it should be on the fronting end. So long as the golf tee fits tightly into the hole, you won’t have to make a new hand washing station.

2. Secure the Tee to the Jug

The tee might fall out of place if it’s not properly secured to the jug. Use twine to securely tie it to the jug.

3. Put a Soap

You need to place your soap somewhere on the jug. To do this, rip off one leg of an old pair of tights and close off one end. Place the soap inside the tight and tie it, at a reasonable length, to the jug’s handle.

4. Fit the Handwashing Station

The last step is properly fitting the hand washing station for camping in the right position, especially if you have a Burning Man tent.

If you don’t want to place it at the end of a table, with the golf tee extending over the edge, consider tying it to a tree branch. With the carabiner and rope, let the jug hang freely by its handle.

Final Thoughts

With these simple steps on making a handwashing station for camping that are similar to our article on making a box oven, you should be able to make one or more.

Feel free to place the finished station at the edge of a table, or let it hang by its handle from a tree branch. However you choose to position your handwashing station, you can be sure of being able to keep yourself clean after a camping event.

Remember that your personal hygiene is very important on a camping trip because there’s more exposure to dirt and bacteria on campgrounds.


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