How to Cook Trout Camping Over a Campfire

cooking trout while camping

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One of the nice camping traditions that lots of people engage while at camp is fishing which is a cool camping activity. It’s not every day that you get to catch your own meal. However, it’s important to note that it’s not enough to know how to catch trout. You also need to know how to cook trout camping.

What’s the essence of having the fish if you don’t know how to make a dish out of it? This article will address this issue in detail.

When it comes to the preparation process, you might easily get confused. This is sometimes attributed to the several types of fish that you could catch; because of this vastness, you cannot learn all the different preparation methods that are associated with each type.

That’s why this article focuses on the trout. You will be provided with relevant information on cooking trout while camping. The main reason we’d prefer to address the trout’s preparation is because you can skip the filleting stage. This makes it an easy fish to cook.

How to Cook Trout When Camping

Without taking much of your time, you will be taken through proper steps on how you can cook a trout. The entire process isn’t much of a challenge – mostly because you won’t be filleting the fish.

There are a couple of other items, apart from the ones used to catch the fish, which you need to successfully prepare and cook it. Some of these items are a sharp knife, and aluminum foil.

1. Clean Your Trout

The first step that we’ll address is preparing your catch. As expected, you would need a fire to cook your fish. This is another situation where your campfire can serve you well.

Now, you have to get rid of the fish guts and get ready the inside for stuffing – make sure that this is done in a neat environment. After that, you can begin to fill the trout with tasty onions, herbs, and lemons. It won’t taste nice enough if you don’t add salt and pepper to its outsides, so keep that in mind.

Before you can cook the trout over a fire, you need to wrap up the fish in some aluminum foil. Make sure that the piece of aluminum foil you want to use isn’t too small for the trout.

Before you completely wrap it in foil, you need to get some portions of butter that aren’t too thick. Place the butter on the trout and wrap it up completely.

2. Cook It on an Open Fire

After all the cleaning and stuffing, the next step is to cook the trout over a fire. You can also make a box oven if you prefer but don’t use a homemade camping stove ever. Now, you should already have an elevated surface above the fire; this is where you’ll place the fish on.

Now, the fish starts cooking and you need to be careful so that it doesn’t get burnt. Cooking it doesn’t actually take time – just a few minutes and then you can use your camping mess kit.

3. Serve Trout Properly

Apart from learning how to cook trout camping, you should also know just how to serve it on your folding camping table – remember; no knowledge is wasted. Add extra flavor to the fish by squeezing out some lemon juice on it. You can also serve it with a side of your best greens on the RV camping dinnerware or other sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with trout after catching?

Just like several other perishable goods, a low temperature will do your trout lots of good. If you’ve just caught some fresh fish and don’t want to be bothered about it going bad, get it frozen in ice. You can also add some TLC to preserve its taste and smell.

Do you skin trout before cooking?

For those who don’t mind having the fish skin as part of the finished dish, you’ll have to get rid of its scales. You’ll need a sharp knife to remove the scales.

How do you know trout is cooked?

Knowing when the fish is properly cooked is also important. This will save you from an undone meal or a burned one. If yours is well cooked, it shouldn’t look translucent. Instead, it should look rather transparent and flake when pierced with a fork.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to cook trout camping, you shouldn’t have a problem putting the steps to practice. The preparation of trout is especially easy because you don’t need to fillet it.

What you need is a fire, sharp knife, some herbs and vegetables, lemons, and aluminum foil. Clean out the fish guts and remove its scale.

Check if your open-fire is running at the right temperature – so that it cooks fast enough without burning the fish. Also, stay concentrated while cooking since the trout will cook in only a matter of minutes.

I hope you have a nice time fishing at camp and cooking over a fire. It’s an amazing experience.


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