How to Camp on the Beach? 3 Useful Tips

beach camping with the kids

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Outdoorsy people wish most times that they could live in nature even for at least a while.

The satisfaction of lying on a sleeping pad for hammock, cooking, eating, and spending time outdoors is something everyone should try to experience in their lifetime. The seemingly most fun part of camping is the array of places to pick.

You can stay near the ocean if you know how to camp on the beach. Camping duration could go from a day to weeks. How long it lasts depends on the people involved.

Beach Camping Tips

Just looking at the ocean waves splashing around along the shores is a very refreshing activity.

The feeling of loose sand under your feet and mild sun on your skin make beach camping an excellent experience. Summer season is the best time to get your shorts out and show some skin in the heat while relaxing at the beach.

As a group or family, you can decide to take it up a notch by living on the beach for a short time. With the right planning and preparation, you can have more fun and adventure than the Rocket Power cast.

Beach camping must be done correctly for safety reasons and so as not to violate regulations as well.

Below are some tips on how to camp on the beach:

1. Obtain the Necessary Permits

You cannot just whip out your sleeping bags and pitch a tent anywhere you want, unless you’re stealth camping. The land on which you want to camp on most times belongs to someone or the government. You’ll be required to get some form of permission to use the place else you run the risk of breaking the law.

The best and first thing to do is to make some inquiries through relevant authorities to make sure you can use your desired camping place and what it would take to procure the space. They could even provide a better option for you.

Permits are also essential for the safety of you and your fellow campers. Without the proper information, you might be walking into an unsafe area that may be prone to natural disasters, wild animals, crime, or any other situation that you would rather avoid.

So, getting permits and access is the first tip on our “how to camp on the beach” list.

2. Get the Proper Gear

Planning for camping on the beach includes getting the required camping gear such as a camping chair with side table because there are things you must have as a necessity if you want to enjoy your camping activities. 

You must use a tent for beach camping and camping pillow for side sleepers because you can never really be too sure about the weather and climate. Not relying on weather reports during preparations for camping may prove to be a bad idea when you’re sleeping in your tent under the stars, and it begins to rain.

You also want to make sure you have enough food as you might be far from places where you can make a purchase. You cannot undermine the importance of having a source of light. You can get torchlight, a rechargeable camping lantern or halogen lamps.

Being prepared for camping on the beach with a camping chair for bad back means you might need to have a first aid kit box and maybe even consult your physician if you have any underlying health conditions so as to be sure that you won’t run into any issues while camping.

3. Cook Over a Campfire

The part most people look forward to when camping is campfire cooking. Cooking under the moonlight while people sit around with stories or songs is an enjoyable experience.

It’s even better when you have the ocean breeze, and since you are at the beach, some seafood will make everything even more fun.

If you have good bushcraft camping skills and you start a big fire, it will elevate your spirits and that of other campers. You want to have fun, so some music wouldn’t be a bad idea or sharing mind-blowing stories. If you’re going to cook outside, there are certain precautions you must take to ensure that it’s done well.

Knowing how to camp on the beach means knowing how to enjoy camp cooking as well and these tips will help:

  • Digging a hole in the ground helps you control the fire. It also helps keep the light from windbreak. It’s vital that when you’re done with the fire, you cover it with sand and throw some water over it to put out the embers.
  • Putting out campfires is very important because if you neglect the fire, it could rekindle and cause an outbreak. A lot of lives have been lost due to campfire accidents.
  • You also need to make sure that you have a steady supply of logs of wood for your fire. Make sure you don’t run out of lumber while you’re cooking or dancing around a bonfire. You can take as much as you’ll need for the camping duration. Make sure to take only dry wood as they burn better.
  • Fish and seafood give the whole beach a thematic experience, so it’s the best way to go. You can pick from a lot of options, crabs, prawns, and other seafood varieties that will give you a camp feast that you’ll never forget. Just make sure you wash your dishes afterward.

Final Thoughts

The beach is an excellent location for camping, and it’s even better during summer. It’s a fun way of spending time with people that you enjoy their company.

When done right, you’ll always want to go back. You must know how to camp on the beach and understand that it requires that you don’t cause any damage to the environment as other people would want to enjoy the same camping experience you had.

Don’t make a mess and be respectful of the space by cleaning up everything before you leave.


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