How to Camp in the Back of a Truck

camping at the back of a truck

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Camping can be done in different ways. The ultimate goal is to enjoy yourself and achieve your planned goals. One of the ways to enjoy camp is to do it from the back of a truck. Before doing so, you must already know how to camp in the back of a truck.

If you’re not sure why you’d want to camp in the back of a truck, there are many reasons to. Camping this way saves you the stress of installing a tent and packing it up after camp. You won’t even need to waterproof your tent.

It also cuts down on certain expenses and provides you with a great level of mobility. If you don’t have your own truck, you can just rent one for the camping period.

Camping in the Back of a Truck

Before heading out to camp in a truck, here are some important things you need to have:

1. Equipment

You must take into consideration that the roads or paths you’ll be traveling on can get really rough and bumpy. You must make sure that your truck is prepared for the ride.

Some of the needed features for rough camping roads are well-elevated vehicle undercarriage and strong tires. The truck used should also have a significant amount of space to hold your luggage.

Make sure that your truck’s headlights and every other light are working well. These lights should be bright enough to illuminate paths at night.

2. Spare Tire

You must also pack an extra tire in case one gets punctured. In addition to extra tires, pack the right tools for changing a flat tire. The extra tire packed must be in pristine condition.

Don’t make the mistake of packing an extra tire that has already leaked its air. The car jack should also be easy to use. Get one that matches your truck’s design.

3. Sleeping Equipment

Before you go camping in the back of a truck, you must have made sleeping arrangements. There are different items and camping gear such as sleeping pads that can be purchased for sleeping in your truck.

The items you’re purchasing should fit your truck’s design well for the best experience. Remember to leave enough space in the truck for setting up your sleeping area.

4. Cooking

There are camp stoves that can be used for this purpose.

These stoves are compact, light-weight, and easy to use. With the stove, you can boil water for tea or cook a simple dinner to eat.

Depending on the camp stove’s design you can have two burners for simultaneous cooking. Also, pack enough fuel to last throughout the camping exercise.

5. Storage

Get a spacious plastic bin to safely store your supplies. You can designate a bin for food items.

The bin should be kept dry and covered whenever it isn’t in use. Another bin can be used to keep other items like toiletries and the likes.

Accessories You Need

As you camp from the back of your truck, these are some accessories to have with you:

Emergency Kit

You never know how far away you’ll be from help. For this reason, it’s good to have a full emergency kit in your truck.

The kit should also be compact enough to carry in your bag. Never leave your emergency kit when you’re going far from where the truck is parked.

Cross-check your emergency kit before leaving home; make sure that none of the essential items are missing.

The things which are expected to be in an emergency kit are knife, water filter, first aid pack, water jug, long-lasting edibles, matches, flashlight, and extra batteries.

Power Inverter

Part of camping in a truck involves the provision of adequate power supply. Power inverters are used to source energy from batteries. The supply provides your electronic devices with charging power.

There are different inverter options to get. If you want to charge many gadgets, make sure you get one with sufficient power outlets. The power rating of your devices should also be taken into consideration.

For instance, if you’re using a high-power device, make sure that the inverter has a rating that can support such a device.


The sun may be shining bright and hot sometimes. You can shield yourself with a canopy at such times. Awnings can also be used in place of canopies.


In addition to the other items mentioned so far, you may also get a camp chair and hammock. Camp chairs can be quickly set up in a shaded spot for relaxation and comfort.

Hammocks are also good for sleeping in. Throw in a pillow and blanket to make your hammock more comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Now after reading this article, you can successfully make a truck-based camping trip.

Those who don’t own a truck can rent one. Make sure that the truck you’re using has a well-elevated undercarriage – this will keep it from scraping jagged floors. The truck should also have good tires on and extra tires in case of damage.

Camping in a truck can be very comfortable if you have the right equipment and supplies. You should consider allocating sufficient space for supply storage in the truck, while also leaving enough space to sleep.

Pack a good stove for cooking simple meals like fried eggs and more. There should be enough stove fuel to last throughout the trip.

Remember to pack a full emergency kit. It’s important to be prepared for any unforeseen emergencies. Besides, you may find yourself very far from any help.

Also, get a power inverter that can supply energy to your electronic devices from the truck’s battery. The inverter should have a favorable rating.


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