15 Must Have Gear and Equipment for Elk Hunting

elk hunting gear

Are you planning a big game hunt and don’t know what to bring along? The right type of hunting gear is vital whether you’re a novice or a seasoned hunter. However, deciding on the right essentials for elk hunting can be overwhelming.

Elk Hunting Equipment

Below is a list of the must-have gear for elk hunting to help you in your expedition.

1. Elk Hunting Daypack

A daypack is essential for holding all your gear that you’ll need for your trip. Don’t skimp on a good daypack because it will make your trip light and hassle-free.

When shopping for a daypack for your hunting mission, make sure it has plenty of space and pockets depending on what you intend to carry.

You also want one that has padded shoulder straps and waist belt to ensure your comfort throughout the trip.

Camouflage is a great choice because it will keep you hidden and provide you with ample storage at the same time.

2. Camouflage Gear

When going for hunting, the goal is to remain hidden and undetected by the bulls and other wild animals.

To ensure this, get yourself a camouflage gear that complements the terrain.

Ultimately, look for something comfortable that’s neither too tight nor too loose. You want something that you’ll comfortably wear for the hours you’ll be hunting.

3. The Right Rifle

It goes without saying that you need the appropriate rifle for the job. The right rifle will help you take down a large elk with ease.

You can use a 270 or larger rifle depending on what you can handle. It’s also advisable to practice with the rifle and familiarize yourself with it before heading out.

4. Binoculars

Binoculars are a must for hunting when you want to keep track of your target’s every move.

Your binoculars will give you clarity and enable you to make an accurate kill. It also helps to keep track of the elk you’re targeting without spooking them off.

Besides, most binoculars do well in various weather conditions, and you can use them when there’s fog or rain. Plus, the neck strap allows for easy maneuverability.

5. Quality Boots

A pair of shoes can either make or ruin your hunt experience. Going for mountain hunting can be extremely challenging; hence, you need the right pair of boots that’s both comfortable and durable.

A boot with waterproof lining, great ankle support, and Vibram sole is recommended. Before you wear your shoes to go hunting, see to it that you take enough time for them to break in.

Another thing to keep in mind is the weather condition. Non-insulated boots are perfect for warmer months while insulated boots are a better bet for colder months.

6. Headlamp

Just like binoculars, a headlamp is a must-have gear when elk hunting. A reliable headlamp will help you steer across the woods and camp without tipping.

7. Bowhunting Equipment

If you prefer bowhunting, you will need a quality bow and hunting arrow. Bowhunting works best when you intend to kill more than one bull at a close range.

It helps to kill one prey easily without alerting the other prey. So, if you intend to do bowhunting, make sure you have the right bowhunting equipment.

8. Rain Gear

If you don’t want to return to the camp wet and miserable, ensure that you invest in quality rain gear.

Rain gear will provide you with proper waterproofing cover especially when the weather changes at once.

9. GPS Watch

A GPS watch will guide you in the right hunting spot and take you to the next level. With a GPS watch, you’ll know which lands are private and public, so you don’t go hunting on restricted land.

GPS is a great alternative to maps and compasses. Look for a reliable watch that you can use in your hunting expeditions regardless of the weather condition.

Besides guiding you to the right spot, a GPS watch can also be effective at helping you monitor your physical activity.

10. Sleeping Tent

After a long day of hunting, you need a place to lay your head and relax.

For this reason, a sleeping tent is essential gear when going hunting. There are numerous sleeping tents to choose from in the market.

When making your selection, it’s advisable to go for one that’s lightweight, comfortable, and weatherproof. It should also be easy to set up and store away.

11. Sharp Knife

After hunting, there’s no doubt you’ll need a good knife for cutting, caping, and skinning it.

You should opt for a quality knife that can withstand the pressure when cutting around the joints of the bull. A sharp knife is also handy for cutting ropes or any other material during your hunt.

There are different hunter knives with varying blades such as drop point, gut hook, and skinner. Choose the right knife depending on your specific needs. Additionally, keep in mind whether you want a fixed or foldable knife.

12. Trekking Pole

This is an important piece of equipment for trekking, especially if you plan to walk in the woods.

It can help you detect various terrains like a soft surface, rough surface or hills. With the help of a trekking pole, you’ll know when you’re walking down a hill.

13. Pen and Notebook

When heading out on a hunting trip, bring along a notebook and pen to note down the tricks and trips that you have learned.

Write down all the mistakes so you can avoid them in your next trip.

14. Emergency Gears

Ensure to pack emergency gear when preparing for your elk hunt. Some emergency gears to pack include a first aid kit, a torch, extra batteries, duct tape, safety whistle, emergency blanket, etc.

15. Food Pack

Going for hunting involves a lot of walking and working, which can be very tiring. For this reason, you need packed food to keep you going.

If you’re going for a day hunting, you may want to carry cooked food from home. Avoid lighting fires as this tends to scare away wild animals.

Final Thoughts

For your elk hunting trip to be successful, you need the right equipment and gear.

While this list doesn’t include everything that you’ll need, these are the essentials that will give a boost to your performance on your next game hunt.


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