Coleman Tent Reviews: Top 8 Picks in 2020

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When it comes to outdoor camping equipment, there are a lot of big names dominating the market. In this article, we’ll focus on one of these names, Coleman.

This reputable company has been in the game for more than a century – which is a really long time to have accumulated prominence in the camping gear/equipment niche. Coleman’s products are manufactured to satisfy high standards.

If you’ve been looking for a trustable brand, you can count on them. Their tents are built to satisfy your needs and also make your camping experience better.

Keep on reading to find out more from our Coleman tent reviews.

Best Coleman Tent

Coleman has different camping tents to offer you and choosing the right one might be a bit challenging. That is why we have provided you with a comprehensive buying guide.

1. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

The first product in this review is the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup. This tent is a true reflection of the dedication which the company, Coleman, puts into creating high-quality equipment.

Your camping experience would be incomplete if you make use of a substandard tent. This is why this unit from Coleman is a good option for you. The tent can be neatly/compactly kept in its storage bag whenever you’re not using it.

One major function of camping tents is shielding you from the elements like rain, wind, and sunshine. Thanks to the WeatherTec integration, this Coleman tent effectively keeps water out.

When it comes to dealing with the bright sun rays, the tent is equipped with Dark Room Tech which filters out a large amount of these rays – there’s also a cooling effect to be enjoyed. Installing the tent is a quick and simple process – its poles are readily set up when you buy it.

  • Integrated with Darkroom tech and ventilated rainfly
  • You can comfortably fit a queen size airbed inside this tent
  • Pre-assembled poles and WeatherTec system
  • It’s a quality USA-made product
  • The tent is worth the price
  • Fabric could be better

2. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

This tent from Coleman is equipped with a screen room. With its screen room, you can easily keep an eye on your immediate surroundings.

The tent is an effective shield against the elements like rain and heavy winds – all thanks to the integration of WeatherTec into its manufacturing design.

This design makes sure that all finishes are well-sealed. There’s also a combination of wind-responsive frame (with guy-out triangles and reconstructed poles) and waterproof zipper cuff, which boosts the tent’s shielding abilities.

Apart from the tent’s quality walls, its floor is also well designed to withstand damages. There are also pockets attached on the tent’s walls for neat storage of other accessories and tools – the chances of losing some important items will be reduced. In summary, this tent is worthy of being added to your shopping list.

  • Extended window awning and screen room
  • It’s a quality USA-made product
  • Two unique styles are available
  • Durable frame that shields you from 35+ mph winds
  • It’s sold at a fair price
  • Its seams often get ripped

3. Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Our Coleman tent reviews would be incomplete if we skipped out on the Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent. The tent’s size works perfectly for two individuals; it’s also great for solo camping. When it comes to portability, this tent is a great choice. It’s the kind of tent you carry when you need to travel light.

Regardless of its small size, this tent is still a strong unit. It has a unique pin-and ring design that effectively secures the corner poles in their respectful positions. This means that the tent wouldn’t be blown off by strong gusts of wind.

It won’t be nice if your tent keeps getting dirty. In order to avoid this, the manufacturers of this Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent have designed it with a sealable vestibule. This vestibule also provides you with additional room for keeping other camping equipment.

The strength and fortification of your tent’s center will determine its ability to withstand powerful winds. A combination of reconstructed poles and guy-out triangles secures the tent’s core.

  • Cheap maintenance
  • It’s designed to have a storage vestibule
  • The tent is able to withstand heavy winds
  • Quick and simple connections, and installations
  • Works excellently in extreme weather conditions
  • Maintaining it could be stressful

4. Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent

This is another 8-person tent for those who need spacious camping tents. It serves as an alternative to the previously mentioned Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping.

This high-quality tent is brightly lit up, with CPX LED, for a more exciting camping experience. If you need your tent to be visible at night, this tent’s 100-lumen LED integration will take care of that. Some other exciting features include a power bank and a CPX rechargeable cartridge.

There are times when you need natural lighting during a heavy downpour. Thanks to the tent’s customizable roll-down windows, you can open them up in such a way that there’s illumination without allowing water to pass through the windows. There’s also a WeatherTec system for better protection.

There’s an additional canopy that serves as a passageway and also provides you with extra room for keeping your equipment. Regardless of the bulky parts used to manufacture this tent, it still has a fast installation process – thanks to a combination of effective accessories.

  • It has a water-resistant fabric
  • Quick installation process
  • It’s large enough to take up to 8 people
  • The tent is equipped with bright LEDs
  • Room for storage isn’t sufficient

5. Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin

The Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin is a tent that has half the capacity of the previously mentioned 8-person tent. Yet still, a tent that can take up to 4 individuals can still come in handy. Apart from its available capacity, this tent is also equipped with other quality features. The combination of its features and accessories makes it worthy to be mentioned in our review.

First off, the installation process is very simple and straightforward – it will only take a little time to install. This feature is a result of the tent’s ready-made poles. With a quick installation process, you’ll have time to do other important things.

One major purpose of having a tent is to shield you from the elements – rain, wind, and sunshine. This Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin is adequately capable of doing that; it has an integrated rainfly design. The rainfly design makes this unit viable in extreme weather conditions.

Certain parts of your tent are meant to remain visible at night, in order to avoid accidents. This tent has guy-lines with an Illumiline Reflective coating. With this feature, your tent can easily be spotted when the need arises.

  • Effectively shields you against rain and water droplets
  • The core is made of a strong polyester material
  • Floors are welded to improve strength, and tent’s security
  • It has a 58-inch center-height that allows you to stand upright
  • It has enough room for 4 people
  • It’s not a preferable choice for the summer heat

6. Coleman Steel Creek Tent

The last item in our Coleman tent reviews is the Coleman Steel Creek Tent. This is a tent that you can confidently add to your shopping list. Campers that need a significant amount of room in their tent can go for this option. It’s also designed to effectively shield you from rain, sun rays, and winds. The tent can be successfully installed within a very short time frame – thanks to the Insta-Clip integration.

The spacious nature of this unit allows a nice flow of air through the tent, which gives a comfortable cooling effect in hot weather. With the WeatherTec integration, your tent will be safe from wetness/moisture.

The material used in making this tent is also very durable and will last long. There are times when you should be able to easily spot your tent in the dark, in order to avoid an accident. The Illumiline reflective fabric used to create this unit helps with that.

There’s an E-port for running electricity supply wires, a window covering, and sufficient storage pocket room. The tent can be easily packed up, and also compactly stored away for neat keeping. In short, this Coleman unit is reliable.

  • Long-lasting fabric is used to manufacture the tent
  • Quick and straightforward installation
  • The tent has a large room
  • Its screen room creates extra space
  • Color-coded poles for simple installation
  • Electric port for channeling supply power
  • Might not hold up well against harsh weather conditions

7. Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

There are various pop-up tent brands on the market today, but this Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent is exceptional. If you don’t want to be spending plenty of time on setting up your tent, choose this tent. Within 60 seconds or less, you can get this tent to full size and setup shape.

There are simple instructions provided for when you want to pack up the tent. You won’t have to worry about the moist soil wetting your tent’s interior – the floor of this pop-up tent is covered with a tarp. All the poles needed for support are already put in place, and all you need do is to let them automatically unfold.

If you’re going on a backpacking exercise, this tent is a good pick. Thanks to its lightweight feature, it can be carried about with ease. You can also customize the placement of the rainfly – this will help you to optimize the flow of air through your tent. It also increases the tent’s shielding ability; rainwater and sunlight will be adequately kept out.

  • It has a simple and straightforward installation process
  • Made with water-resistant fabric
  • It’s not heavy
  • The tent works excellently without tent stakes
  • Easy to pack
  • Bad fabric

8. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

The next item on our list is the Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping; it’s a great mention. From its name, you can infer how large it is.

If you would need a really wide tent space for you and your family, this is a great choice for you. With its 16 x 7-ft base specification, and 74-inches center height, space is the least of your worries. Because of its size, it can be considered as the best Coleman family tent.

The tent’s installation is fast and simple – a quarter of an hour is enough setup time. When it’s time to pack up the tent and other equipment, you won’t have any problem because the process is straightforward.

It can be neatly/compactly stored for effective portability. The tent also shields you from rainfall, and keeps your belongings dry and safe.

  • It’s a really spacious tent with easy installation
  • Features a hinged door for comfortable entry and exit
  • Extended door awning and storage pockets
  • Windows can be left open in the rain – thanks to their angled position
  • Available in Green, Black, and Blue
  • Water passes through the tent

Why You Should Get a Coleman Tent

Just like we highlighted in the introduction, when it comes to outdoor camping equipment, you’ll find a lot of praise-worthy competitors. Among them is the respected establishment, Coleman.

This reputable company has been in the game for more than a century – which is a really long time to have accumulated prominence in the camping gear/equipment niche. Coleman’s products are manufactured to satisfy high standards.

There’s a significantly wide range of other camping equipment that Coleman manufactures – not just tents alone. This versatile company has successfully manufactured over three dozen unique tents. What this means is that you have a vast amount of quality options to select from.

The most important thing is to know the requirements of your camping exercise and searching for a model that perfectly matches those requirements. For instance, if you’re searching for the best Coleman tent for rain, you’d just have to look for one with the best waterproof fabric and leak-proof sewing design.

In order not to have a difficult time searching through the available options, it’s advisable for you to use our reviews as a guideline. Each Coleman tent review will provide you with an insight into what you can be expecting from the different material types, available accessories, installation processes, portability features, and the likes. In the end, you should be able to find a unit that’s perfect for you.

How to Pick the Best Coleman Tent

When searching through the vast available Coleman tents, it’s normal to wonder which Coleman tent is the best.

You need to know the important factors to consider before finalizing your purchase, especially when you need a lot for your own campground. If you can pay attention to these factors, you’d have an easy time shopping.

Here are the factors to be considered:


A key feature to consider when you’re searching for the best Coleman tent reviews is the material. Whatever material is used in making the tent should be durable.

When it comes to this topic, polyester is a great fabric to choose. Tents are also meant to shield you from rainwater and winds, so pick a material that effectively satisfies these conditions.

The tent material shouldn’t get ripped or punctured easily. Lastly, the tent’s material should be sewn well in order to avoid getting blown off by the wind – sturdy poles also boost the tent’s security. If you’re looking for tents made from other companies as well, check out this guide which has a nice selection of budget-friendly tents!


Another factor is the ease of setup and takedown. This is a very important consideration, especially if you’re not a fan of tedious installation processes.

If you neglect this factor and end up buying a unit with complicated setup steps, you’ll have yourself to blame. There are a couple of features that affect how fast a tent can be set up or taken down.

These features include accessories like pre-assembled poles and pop-up designs. Make sure that whatever option you’re going for has all the necessary accessories sold with it.


When searching for the best Coleman tent for family, you need to consider the tent’s capacity – it has to be large enough to comfortably house everybody on the trip. Lack of sufficient space will only make your camping experience inconvenient.

If you’re after a really large space, you can choose from the two 8-person tents that were reviewed earlier – the Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent and the Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping. Just make sure that what you’re buying will adequately satisfy your needs.


When you’re purchasing any camping gear/equipment, you cannot overlook the weight. Some camping trips require you to travel with light-weight equipment, while others give room for larger and heavier gear.

So, if you know that you won’t have the ability to hull heavy luggage, you should watch out for the weight specification of your choice tent. If you want to compare Coleman tents with Core tents, take a look at this in-depth guide we wrote.

In the end, what really matters is being able to identify what tent features are required for you to have a comfortable time while camping.

Final Thoughts

With all our Coleman tent reviews, you should now be equipped with sufficient information to guide you on your quest for the best Coleman camping tent. Amongst all the products we’ve reviewed, we chose the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup as the best.

This tent is a reflection of the high standards Coleman applies to make their products. Thanks to the WeatherTec integration, this Coleman tent effectively keeps water out. When it comes to dealing with the bright sun rays, the tent is equipped with Dark Room Tech which filters out a large amount of sun rays.

There’s also a cooling effect to be enjoyed. Installing the tent is a quick and simple process. It can also be neatly kept in its storage bag whenever you’re not using it.


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