8 Best Tent Stakes for Sand Camping in 2020

tent stakes for sand and other surfaces

When you’re setting up your camping tent, a couple of tent stakes are usually deployed to make it properly secured. However, the quality of your tent stakes for sand will go a long way in determining how secure the tent will be.

If the stakes aren’t strong enough, they will subsequently get bent out of shape. You may discover that most of the stakes provided, as accessories, along with the purchased tent, are too weak.

For this reason, you should look beyond the stakes that come with purchased tents. Instead, choose higher-quality stakes from the range of available brands in the market.

In order to avoid confusion or bad selections, this article will provide you with information on the best tent stakes for sand.

Reviews of Tent Stakes for Sand and Loose Soil

Considering the number of options available for you to choose from, it’s good to have some knowledge about tent stakes.

With our list, you should be able to successfully make a choice that meets your needs.

1. Orange Screw: The Ultimate Ground Anchor

The first item on our list is the Orange Screw Ground Anchor. These tent stakes aren’t designed in the conventional style. Instead, they are screw-shaped in order to increase their effectiveness in securing the tent.

Most regular stakes would require you to strike them on the head before they can be driven into the ground. However, using only your hands, you can conveniently screw these Orange Screw stakes into the ground. The structural design of these stakes makes them be very effective in holding down your tent. They won’t be easily lodged out of place or bent.

The length of a stake would also determine how effective it will be. Usually, the longer the stake, the better it is. These Orange Screws are over 9 inches in length. Hence, they are lodged deep within the ground, and they tightly secure the tent. These stakes also work excellently on sandy floors.

The Orange Screws work most effectively on sandy floors. Compared to other floor types, they won’t quickly get damaged in the sand. If you’re looking for an alternative for your regular tent stakes, these screws would be a great choice. They are also budget-friendly.

  • Then have a firm grip in the sand
  • Can be quickly and easily installed
  • The product is worth its price
  • It works excellently in the sand
  • Not good for other types of terrain

2. Coleman Steel Nail Tent Pegs

These 10-inch long stakes are another quality set for holding your tent securely. With a total of four stakes in the set, each steel-plated stake is designed in such a way that it can be easily and quickly driven into the ground. If you’ll be camping on hard soil, this set of stakes is a perfect option for you.

The blend of materials used to manufacture this brand makes it strong and long-lasting – polypropylene for its upper end and steel for the remaining parts. In order to not damage the plastic top, a metal tang has been put in place to take the direct hit of the hammer as you drive the stakes into the sand.

Winds are a big threat to the integrity of tent stakes; stakes that aren’t strong enough will get pulled out of position or bent out of shape.

However, the Coleman Steel Nail Tent Pegs are made to withstand powerful gusts of wind. This is one of the major reasons why we’ve added them to our review of the best tent stakes for sand.

  • The aluminum used in making them is light-weight
  • They are strong and maintain their original shape regardless of how hard they are hammered
  • They have good stability
  • Its looped end is also strong
  • The tip of the stake tends to blunt as it gets driven into the ground
  • Its upper notches don’t have hooks

3. MSR Groundhog Tent Stake

The MSR Groundhog Tent Stake is another great choice of tent stakes. These stakes are made with high standards. Both the material, aluminum, and production techniques make them strong and reliable. These stakes don’t weigh much and can be easily carried about during your camping exercise.

Based on personal need/ preference, you can select from the two available length specifications. The 7.5-inch set is the longer of both options.

If your tent stakes keep breaking or getting deformed in some way, they won’t be useful in keeping your tent secure. This is why it’s reliable. Its stakes are strong and can withstand a considerable amount of stress.

When it’s time to pack up the tent, and its accessories, you won’t have a tough time pulling these stakes out of the ground – thanks to their looped top-end.

Unlike the previously reviewed brands, that only work well in sand or snow, these stakes do well in other ground types. This means that you won’t have to buy a new set of stakes when you’re camping on hard soil.

  • They don’t weigh much
  • Made to satisfy high-quality standards
  • They can be used on various types of soil
  • The stakes are worth the price
  • Driving them into harder soil may be difficult because the tips aren’t sharp

4. SE Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Pegs Stake Set

This camping product, built from galvanized steel, has a durable design and a rugged structure that makes it effective in securing your tent. They are sold in a bundle with up to 5 pairs of durable stakes

Aside from the fact that these stakes can’t be corroded, they are also made in lengths that make them have a firm grip in the soil. The stakes have a 10-inch length specification.

You can easily spot the exposed upper end of the stakes, which is bent like a hook, thanks to the green colors (both dark and light shades of green). Its rope-stringing eyelet provides you with an alternative for attaching tent ropes.

They can also be driven into various soil types with ease, and they are equipped with PVC stoppers that are broad enough to be stricken without often missing. Apart from being used to secure camping tents, there are a number of other activities which these stakes can be useful for.

  • They don’t corrode because they are made out of galvanized steel
  • You can secure tent ropes with either the hooks or rope-stringing eyelet
  • The stakes can be used for various events or exercises
  • The milled point makes it easy to penetrate the soil
  • These steel stakes reliable; they can withstand a large force
  • Its upper PVC end isn’t strong
  • Its body isn’t strong enough either

5. TNH Outdoors Tri-Beam Tent Stakes

The manufacturers of this stake have been making trusted products for more than a decade now. These stakes from TNH Outdoors are made to last for a considerable amount of time without getting deformed or broken. This camping product is also eco-friendly.

Using these stakes on the soil wouldn’t have any negative effect on our natural surroundings. You should note that these stakes are best used on softer soil types, rather than on hard soil. Using them on hard soil would expose them to more intense hammering; this will deform or break them in the long run.

The upper end of the stake, which sticks out of the ground, can be easily spotted due to its bright red coloration. These stakes have a firm grip on the soil, which means that they won’t be easily pulled out of place by the wind. Their Tri-Beam design is responsible for this firm soil grip. When it’s time to pack up the tent and stakes, you won’t have a hard time removing the stakes from the ground, thanks to their paracords.

They are sold in a bundle with up to 5 pairs of durable stakes. They are also sold with a reliable storage bag that makes it possible to keep them in a neat and compact fashion.

  • The stakes are made from aluminum that isn’t heavy
  • They are rugged and can’t easily bend out of shape
  • Structural design which makes them stable
  • They have looped ends that are rugged and effective
  • The tip of the stake tends to blunt as it gets driven into the ground
  • Its upper notches don’t have hooks

6. Eurmax Galvanized Pop Up Canopy Stakes

When it comes to strength and wind resistance, these tent stakes are highly recommended. Apart from their ability to provide a firm grip in sandy soil, they can also be used on other types of soil – this makes them versatile and efficient.

They can also be used in several other activities that require a peg stake, and not just camping exercises alone. Apart from its resistance to corrosion, it’s also designed with pointy ends that can be easily driven into any soil.

The stake’s color options also make them easy to locate – they come in both dark and light-green colors. You can hammer these stakes without damaging the stricken end – thanks to the quality PVC material used to make the top.

It also has a hook and a convenient place to attach your tent ropes. The high quality of this product makes it last long regardless of what soil type you use it on.

  • The aluminum used in making them is light-weight
  • They are strong and maintain their original shape regardless of how hard they are hammered
  • They have good stability
  • Its looped end is also strong
  • The tip of the stake tends to blunt as it gets driven into the ground
  • Its upper notches don’t have hooks

7. HJH Outdoor Products Aluminum Tent Stakes

The next product on our list of best tent stakes for sand is from HJH. These stakes are among the best for loose soil as well. This set of Aluminum stakes is well tested and trusted. The manufacturers of these stakes have adopted an anodized finish to make them more effective.

When it comes to reliable stake length, this brand doesn’t disappoint. With a 12-inch length specification, you can be guaranteed of a firm and well-secured grip. These stakes can be easily driven deep into sandy grounds. It’s common to make a few adjustments to your stakes while finalizing your tent’s setup. The holes integrated into the body of these stakes will ensure that you can make those adjustments with ease.

If a tent stake keeps pulling out of the ground or shifting from its position, then it’s of no good. That’s why these HJH stakes are recommendable – they remain in their position after being hammered into the ground. The general design of these stakes also allows them to be easily driven into the sand. They can either be driven in an upright position or at an angle to the horizontal.

The reason why these stakes work so well in sandy grounds and snow is because they were specifically made to do so, which is why they deserve to be featured in this review.

These stakes are a good option for campers who are particular about the weight of their camping luggage. They don’t weigh much, and can be easily moved about during your camping exercise. With the Velcro strap, that securely binds them together; you can easily store them away after use.

  • Their structural design makes them highly effective
  • They don’t weigh much
  • Specifically tailored to work in the sand or snow
  • Installation is fast and simple
  • Apart from sand and snow, they don’t work well in other grounds

8. Vargo Ti Shepherds Hook Stake

These stakes are among the best tent stakes for sand, and they also work excellently on harder soil.

This stake has an end that is sharp enough to push through any soil type, regardless of its hardness. The upper end of the stake, which sticks out of the ground, can be easily spotted due to its bright orange coloration.

Campers that cannot afford to carry heavy loads on their camping will enjoy these tent stakes. They are very light in weight and can be easily carried about. They are also made to last long and withstand a considerable amount of hammering.

Apart from camping exercises, you can also use these stakes for a couple of other stake-needing exercises/ events; you get 3 pairs of stakes in a bundle. They are strong enough to not be easily bent out of shape.

  • These stakes can be easily driven into hard soil
  • They are made out of the durable and light-weight titanium
  • Its shafts are strong and narrow for easy soil penetration
  • Thanks to the fluorescent orange color of its head, it can be easily sighted
  • After the bright orange color starts to rub off, the stakes look less appealing

How to Pick the Best Tent Stakes for Sand

When you’re setting up your camping tent, you need to ensure that it’s secure before you move into it. Tent stakes are meant to ensure that the tent stays in place regardless of heavy winds.

There are a number of key things that you should look out for when searching for quality tent stakes.


A crucial thing to look out for when purchasing tent stakes is the material used to make them. You would usually be purchasing one of these: a carbon fiber brand, aluminum, steel, or titanium brand.

If you’re going on a backpacking exercise, and you need your load to be light, you should go for the aluminum-based stakes. These are usually light-weight and budget-friendly.

They also last for a considerable amount of time. If you want more rugged stakes, which would be heavier, you should go for the steel-based stakes.

A combination of both light-weight and ruggedness can be gotten out of the carbon fiber and titanium-based stakes. Just make sure that the weight-related to the stake’s material is favorable for you.  


The stronger the stake, the better it is. When a tent stake is weak, it won’t be able to withstand the hammer’s strikes; it would be easily deformed and broken.

Quality stakes should have a rugged build that makes them retain their shape, even after being hammered for a considerable amount of time.

The weather could also be a threatening factor to the integrity of tent stakes. Your choice of stakes should be able to hold up nicely against the elements of the weather.


The next thing you should consider when getting a set of tent stakes is their intended use.

Campers that cannot afford to carry heavy loads and want to make tent camping comfortable should look for tent stakes that are light-weight; it won’t make sense to carry heavy stakes on a backpacking exercise.

However, if you have the means, you can go for the heavier stakes.

Pull Cords

To successfully secure your camping tent, there’s a certain number of stakes that you would need to use based on the tent’s size.

In order to avoid accidents, you must also be able to easily spot the upper end of the stake that sticks out above the ground. Even when the weather creates a low visibility scene, you should still be able to sight the stakes.

Highly visible stakes usually have a reflective end or a pull cord. They can be coated with fluorescent colors that are easily noticed from a distance.


The type of terrain in which the stakes are to be used would determine what brand to go for.

There are different soil types; some are really soft while others are remarkably hard.

You need to make sure that both the material and design of the stake are good enough to make soil penetration easy.


Depending on what type of camping exercise you’ve planned out, the weight of your stakes has to be taken into consideration.

Not all camping trips would work out with a heavy load on your back. If your trip requires you to carry light loads, your stakes should be lightweight and also portable.

How to Set Up Tent Stakes

You should know how to correctly set up your tent stakes for the best results.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Position the stake at half of angle 90⁰ from the vertical.
  • With the stake held in place, grab your hammer, or whatever hard object you have, and strike the stake on its head. Don’t use too much force so as not to damage the stake. Drive the stake into the ground until only about ¼ of it is above the ground.
  • There are some instances where you might have to change the position of your stake if it fails to go into the ground after repetitive hammering. This might be due to an obstructing rock under the ground.
  • When it’s time to pack up your tent and the stakes, pull out the stakes from the ground with the help of the pull cords.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, the Orange Screw The Ultimate Ground Anchor is the best tent stake to be used in sand.

This screw-shaped device isn’t like the usual tent stakes. Instead of driving them into the ground with a hammer, you only need your hands to conveniently screw them in place.

Also, they can’t be easily lodged out of place or bent. Their structure also conveniently makes them the best tent stakes for beach sand so give them a try.


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