Where is the Best Place to Go on Safari

places to go on safari to see the wild

Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or you just want to explore the world, safaris are one of the best ways to discover nature and have a thrilling experience. African countries always top the list of the best safari destinations.

With so many incredible options to choose from, where is the right place you should go for a safari?

The type of safari holiday you want to go on according to your comfort level and expectations can vary, but you still want it to be a majestic experience.

Whether you want to ride on a boat to see the animals or hop on a jeep with your binoculars to zoom in on distant wildlife, there’s a safari destination for every kind of activity.

Here, we list the best places to go on safari for six different types of safari experiences. From national parks to fun activities, these are the best places to witness wildlife.

Best Place to Go on a Safari

There are many kinds of safaris, and each has its own exciting activities. From boat safari to walking safari, these places will give you the best safari experiences.

Walking Safari

Safaris on foot are just as safe as on a vehicle. Walking safaris are a better way to view the wildlife without disturbing them and are a much more immersive experience. You get much closer to remote areas and see details that you wouldn’t spot from a distance.

Zambia’s South Luangwa is a unique chance to see animals up close and is the place where walking safaris originated.

Famous for leopard sightings and game-rich parks, it’s also home to over 400 bird species! Make sure to pack your best binoculars for this one and a camera to capture amazing moments.

River Safari

Many beautiful rivers flow through the world. One of the best ways to see these fantastic sites is by canoeing through a river.

Botswana’s Okavango Delta is the classic place to go if you want to float on a canoe or fish on a boat. It will be an unforgettable water safari experience. On a traditional boat surrounded by crystal-clear water to dip your fingers in, it’s a twist to the normal place safari experience.

As you silently move through these waters, you’ll see animals such as hippos, buffalo, crocodiles, and elephants. Many smaller creatures, like birds and fish, can be seen as well.

Migration Safari

Perhaps one of the best and most thrilling experiences is to witness a mass migration of animals. It makes for an exciting holiday. Timing is very important when planning this trip.

There are many animal migrations around the world, from polar bears to bats, and each is a beautiful sight.

However, the best place to witness the greatest wildlife show on earth is between Kenya and Tanzania. During the Great Wildebeest Migration, animals travel through land and river and fall prey to predators but still make it across to Kenya.

You can see thousands of animals crossing rivers and running on land. It will be a sight you won’t forget easily.

Family Safari

You may have toddlers or teenage children, or there may be adolescents in your family with whom you would like to spend an incredible vacation for some bonding time.

A family safari is a great way to learn about wildlife, our planet, and different cultures. It’s an exciting adventure to share, which will be remembered by the whole family.

South Africa can easily be the best place for a family safari trip. It has amazing infrastructure, the risk of diseases such as malaria is very low, and there are many fun activities to do with your loved ones.

At the Kruger National Park, you can see the Big Five — the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo — and you can self-drive too! There are many child-friendly activities to keep your kids engaged and many different types of animals and birds to witness.

Kruger National Park offers everything, from wilderness trails to many types of lodging. It’s a great choice for first-timers and budget travelers.

Cycling Safari

If you’re a two-wheel enthusiast who’s looking for an active safari, this trip is for you. Mountain biking is a very popular sport in South Africa, and many regions offer it.

However, cycling through the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana is a unique way to travel in Africa and see wildlife in a different way.

Imagine mountain biking through the rolling grasslands and rocky hills, only stopping to see a lovely herd of elephants pass by. Without the buzz of a jeep engine, you get to hear the real sounds of nature.

Under the beautiful sky, you can cycle, hike, and create memories that you’ll want to relive again and again. It can be both peaceful and adventurous.

Flying Safari

A hot air balloon ride can be an exciting highlight of your safari trip.

However, a flying safari is a different concept, which usually means traveling to different locations in Africa on a private aircraft or helicopter. It’s a top-end and luxurious way to witness the landscape and wildlife.

Although you can choose different countries to travel to, the best place to get an exclusive helicopter view is Victoria Falls. It’s one of the largest waterfalls in the world.

From its breathtaking view to bungee jumping activities, it will leave you amazed.


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