Best Hammock Underquilt for Camping in 2020

hammock underquilt near the lake

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Campers who would be hammocking need to pack the right accessories such as a hammock underquilt to boost their comfort when they relax. You should know that sleeping bags are not a good choice for anyone that would be sleeping in a hammock. With your backside pressed against the sleeping bag, there’s a resulting compression that lessens its insulating effect.

What this means is that the reduced insulation of the sleeping bag will consequently reduce its ability to keep you warm while you’re resting in your hammock.

You might be thinking of boosting comfort with some sleeping pads, however, you should know that there won’t be a significant difference – they just aren’t compatible with hammocks.

Best Underquilt for Hammock

If you’re going to be hammocking, and you want to keep yourself adequately warm and dry, you should consider getting an underquilt.

We have taken our time to review some options in the market that can satisfy your needs.

Here are the products we’ve chosen to review:

1. Outdoor Vitals Aerie Underquilt

The Outdoor Vitals Aerie Underquilt has been designed by its manufacturers to satisfy high standards. It’s a quality product that can be used for several purposes.

Some of the other purposes it can serve, apart from warming the bottom of your hammock, are: it can be used as a hammock pod, technical blanket, and single/double sleeping bag.

If you’ll be hammocking in considerably cold weather, you can be confident of being kept warm with this because it has a 20⁰F specification. It’s also designed to be light-weight – slightly above 2-lbs.

It has adequate insulation with the help of 20D rip-stop nylon shell and VitalDry coating, which also keep your hammock free of moisture.

  • It can be used for up to 5 different purposes
  • 800+ fill power, DWR-treated down insulation
  • 20D rip-stop nylon shell
  • Has a 20⁰F specification
  • Sold with a 4-point compression sack
  • Its zipper isn’t of good quality

2. ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters Ember

This is a product that has earned its place in the market. Even if you don’t go for this one, you can still use the information provided about it as a standard guide.

This ENO underquilt’s warming feature is attributed to the polyester material used to make it. This warming feature is also boosted with its 40D rip-stop nylon shell. It plays its part in keeping your hammock dry – thanks to its waterproof nature.

Underquilts are not just meant to keep you warm while you sleep, but they should also provide a certain extent of shielding from rainwater and winds. This ENO product, made specifically to fit perfectly beneath the hammock, will shield the area beneath your hammock and also the side areas.

It’s not heavy, with a 1.56-lbs weight specification, it’s perfect for backpacking.

  • Made with 40D rip-stop nylon and 30D nylon taffeta lining
  • It has a waterproof coating
  • Made specifically for hammocks
  • Has a light weight of 1.56-lbs
  • The shock cords can be adjusted
  • Doesn’t work well outside the 40⁰ – 50⁰ Fahrenheit rating

3. OneTigris Double Underquilt

The OneTigris Double Underquilt is a product that’s truly worth the mention. Just as its name implies, it’s a perfect match for double hammocks; you can consider it as the best underquilt for double hammock as it has a wide-spread coverage of 8.2-ft x 5.6-ft.

The manufacturers of this OneTigris product have combined a number of quality features that allow the underquilt to satisfy high standards. These combined features are: 20D rip-stop nylon shell and Polyester Pongee lining – 300T polyester.

Thanks to its SEE polyester integration, you can get the best of insulating properties. It efficiently works against rainwater, wind, and the cold.

Campers who want to go camping during significantly cold seasons, like winter, can turn to this product for warmth. It has a 23 – 41⁰F specification. The downside is that it’s too large. Apart from that, it remains an excellent choice that can satisfy your needs.

  • It’s made with a combination of 20D rip-stop
  • Quality SEE polyester fill
  • Great for double hammocks – with a 8.2 x 5.6-ft specification
  • 41 – 23⁰F temperature specification
  • Remains too large

4. UBOWAY Unique Underquilt

If you haven’t been that impressed with the previous products, this UBOWAY Unique Underquilt should change your mind.

There are a lot of interesting features that come with this underquilt. If you care much for colors, you have a range of nice colors to choose from – up to 5 unique hues. Feel free to choose from the different available temperature and insulation ratings – temperature ratings range from 0⁰ – 15⁰F

This underquilt doesn’t weigh much, just 1.3-lbs, and can be easily added to your list of backpacking equipment. When you set it up beneath your hammock, it keeps rainwater out and leaves your hammock’s interior dry. You can also wash it in the machine.

This quality underquilt cannot be easily damaged, ripped by sharp objects, or punctured – all thanks to its 320D Ripstop Nylon material. When temperatures are on the low, this product does a good job of warming you up as you lay in the hammock.

Once bought, it can be used along with various hammock brands. This product can also be installed and packed up within a short time frame.

  • Doesn’t get punctured or ripped easily
  • Five unique hues
  • Can be packed in a compact way
  • Full-length underquilt
  • After it has been installed, it tends to form a funny banana shape

5. Chill Gorilla Underquilt

Next up is the Chill Gorilla Underquilt. This is a product that has been designed by experienced manufacturers to satisfy high standards. This quilt provides you with warmth and protection at a budget-friendly rate. It also qualifies as a 3-season underquilt.

When talking about the best underquilt for hammock, this Chill Gorilla product cannot be left out. Considering how effective this unit is, you can say that it’s truly worth the cost. It keeps you warm with a 40⁰F specification, and it isn’t heavy.

For campers who are on a backpacking exercise, and cannot afford to carry heavy weights, it’s a great addition to your equipment. It’s portable, and doesn’t pose any challenges when you want to wash it clean. It’s also manufactured with a 20D Ripstop Nylon shell that’s fully waterproof.

Whenever the underquilt is not in use, you can store it away neatly and in a compact fashion – it’s sold along with a 4-strap compression stuff sack. Generally, the Chill Gorilla Underquilt is a great choice for protecting the underneath surface and keeping you warm.

  • Works well for various hammock brands
  • Efficiently warms you up at 40⁰F
  • Waterproof 20D ripstop nylon shell
  • It’s budget-friendly
  • Its 2.9-pound weight is a bit too heavy

6. KING SHOWDEN Underquilt

Next in this review is the KING SHOWDEN Underquilt. This product has earned its place among the other quality mentions in our review of the best hammock underquilt. The manufacturers of this underquilt have made it to satisfy high standards.

With the 7-ounces hollow cotton integration, this product is significantly thick and able to properly fit beneath your hammock. You can also pack the underquilt in a neat and compact fashion – thanks to its 13.8 x 8.3-inch storage bag.

In the event of minimal rainfall, this underquilt has been designed with a combination of quality feature to keep off all water droplets, these combined features are: long lasting WR waterproof layer, and 240T Polyester Pongee Lining. With all this, the KING SHOWDEN Underquilt is an excellent shield from rain, and cold weather.

In conclusion, there is a nylon compression stuff sack that helps you to compactly store the underquilt when it’s not in use. This way, your underquilt won’t be left exposed to damaging factors, and it can last even longer. With its 1.87-lbs weight, you can easily move this product about.

  • Well thickened, and has 200g of hollow cotton on the inside
  • 20D Ripstop Nylon material
  • This underquilt hammock works well in winter
  • Long lasting elastic buckle
  • Nylon compression stuff sack
  • Attachment point snapped on first use

7. OneTigris Night Protector

The next item in this review of the best underquilt for hammock is the OneTigris Night Protector. The manufacturers of this product have been in the game for quite some time now, and they have gained a reputation for making quality equipment over the years.

If you don’t have too much money to spend on camping equipment, there’s no need to worry; this product is pocket-friendly.

It’s truly worth the mention, and it’s a great product to add to your shopping list. Its waterproof feature can be attributed to the effective combination of a SEE polyester fill, 20D rip-stop nylon shell, and standard DWR coating.

Its length and width specifications would effectively cover the bottom area of your hammock. And when this underquilt isn’t in use, it can be easily stored away in the stuff sack. This unit isn’t heavy (1.75-lbs) and is portable enough for backpacking.

It provides a significant amount of warmth during cold weathers – thanks to its 68⁰ and 40⁰F specification. As you search for the perfect underquilt to satisfy your needs, don’t overlook this one.

  • 20D rip-stop nylon shell and SEE polyester fill
  • 3-season temperature rating between 68⁰ – 40⁰F
  • Quick and simple installation; it has all the needed accessories
  • It is not heavy, and has a portable design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not contoured by design
  • There’s leakage of warmth

8. Therm-a-Rest Down Snuggler Underquilt

The Therm-a-Rest Down Snuggler Underquilt is a versatile product that can be used with any brand. You don’t necessarily have to utilize it by installing it beneath your hammock.

You could just wrap it around yourself as you lay in the hammock.

It provides you with a sufficient amount of heat to warm you up when temperatures are low – thanks to its Nikwax Hydroponic treatment. With a weight of just 1.1-lbs, this underquilt can easily be carried about.

If you like camping during really cold seasons, like winter, this product will serve you well –it has a 32⁰F temperature rating. It also has a fast and simple installation process.

  • It’s not heavy – at just 1.1-lbs
  • It works well with various hammock brands
  • Nikwax Hydroponic treatment for effective warmth
  • It has an attractive hue
  • It doesn’t work well with bridge hammocks

How to Get the Best Hammock Underquilt

Lots of campers would like to buy the best cheap hammock underquilt but before you settle for one, there are some factors that you must have taken into consideration. These are:


The first thing to take into consideration is the material used to make the underquilt. We suggest that you look out for top-notch ripstop material with DWR waterproof layers.

Underquilts and top quilts that don’t easily get ripped or punctured, and also last long, have ripstop nylon covering. As you choose a favorable underquilt material, make sure your selection is also able to shield against rainwater.

Temperature Rating

Underquilts are supposed to keep you warm and provide your hammock with extra insulation.

The temperature rating of your underquilt tells you how much warmth it can provide for you, and also how much of the cold it can handle. These ratings are mostly taken in degree Fahrenheit.


Different people have unique weight requirements for the camping exercise that they’re planning towards. Some don’t mind hulling heavy luggage, while others have to travel light.

If you fall into the category of those who don’t want heavy loads, make sure you get the weight specification of the underquilt you’re admiring.

Light-weight models are great if you’re using a portable hammock stand or for backpacking exercises. They are portable and easy to move around with.


The size of the underquilt is another key factor to watch out for. It won’t be advantageous to have an underquilt that’s too small or too big. Single or double types would also determine the size of the underquilt you should buy.

You have to make sure that your underquilt’s size matches the hammock bug net and your personal profile well enough to give you all the warmth you need. The heat produced for your comfort in the hammock shouldn’t be leaked because of excessive space openings.


Durability is a huge selling point for any product. You probably wouldn’t want to be buying the same camping equipment each time there’s a trip.

It’s better to make a purchase that will last you for years to come. If an underquilt is to be durable and resistant, it shouldn’t get torn or punctured easily.

Based on your personal preference and budget, make sure that you choose an underquilt that will last long and also be worth the price. Don’t rush to buy your underquilt without confirming how durable it is.


In order to match most people’s profile and provide them with comfort, the underquilt should be a great fit.

The combination of a shock cord suspension, and basic rectangular shape make it customizable for your personal convenience and enjoyment. If the underquilt doesn’t fit well, there will be room for insulation leakage.

You need to make sure that whatever underquilt you’re purchasing will properly match the shape and width. If possible, look for a product that has customizable features. This will ensure that you can make later adjustments so that it fits perfectly.

Just know that there are different underquilts that are the best fit for different hammocks, like there’s a particular brand that is the best underquilt for Hennessy hammock. With that in mind, you should make the right purchase.

Underquilts vs. Sleeping Pads vs. Sleeping Bags

There are many different accessories that campers can make use of along with their hammock to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment.

There are sleeping pads, which can be added to increase warmth in the hammock. However, these additions are not efficient because they tend to shift away from the comfortable position as you lie on them.

However, if your budget is small, and you don’t mind managing the sleeping pads, you can still go for them. They have the advantage of being lightweight and cheap.

There are also sleeping bags, but you should know that sleeping bags are not a good choice for anyone that would be sleeping in a hammock. With your backside pressed against the sleeping bag, there’s a resulting compression that decreases insulation.


With all the information given in this review of the best hammock underquilt, you should be able to find the perfect product that satisfies your needs.

Out of all the products that we reviewed, the Outdoor Vitals Aerie Underquilt is the best in our opinion. This unit has been designed by its manufacturers to satisfy high standards.

Apart from warming the bottom of your hammock, it can be used as a hammock pod, technical blanket, and single/double sleeping bag. It has a 20⁰F specification. It is also designed to be light-weight – slightly above 2-lbs.


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