7 Best Hammock Straps in 2020

hammock straps in the outdoors

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When you properly set up your hammock, you can enjoy relaxing/sleeping in it. But to successfully do this, you must have a couple of accessories. One of such accessories is the straps. It’s these things that secure your hammock to poles and trees. This article provides you with details about the best hammock straps for camping.

Hammocks are a great addition to your list of camping equipment, especially if you’re into light-weight camping exercises.

Hammocks are significantly comfortable, and they protect you against rain, wind, and sun rays – so far as all the right accessories are added.

What Are the Best Hammock Straps?

There’s a wide range of available options to pick from so we have taken the time to review some of the best straps in the market. Using this review as a guideline, you’d be able to make a great choice.

Here are our top choices:

1. MalloMe XL Hammock Straps

The first item in our review are the MalloMe XL Hammock Straps. The straps are significantly long, 12-ft spec, and have a width of just an inch. Compared to the previous mentions, these straps can each easily support 1000-lbs. The straps are also remarkably strong, and durable.

This pair of amazing straps can be neatly packed into their storage bag, alongside a pair of carabiners, whenever you’re not using them. With the 1000-lbs weight support in each strap, you get as much as 2000-lbs weight support. There are 20 loop pairs for comfortable and easy installation.

Also, these straps won’t slack after prolonged use – thanks to the integrated loop design. With these at hand, you can install your hammock, and also pack it up, within the shortest time frame.

You can customize the elevation of your hammock from ground level by making use of the daisy-chained loop design. The straps perform well in harsh weather conditions since they are made from durable polyester webbing.

  • Budget-friendly
  • The straps remain firm and taut, thanks to the polyester webbing
  • 20 loop pairs to secure the hammock in place
  • Simple and straightforward installation
  • Takes just one minute to install
  • Not light-weight enough

2. Grand Trunk Tree Trunk Straps

The next item is the Grand Tree Trunk Straps. The manufacturers of this product have made it to satisfy high standards. They are strong, durable and hold your hammock securely in place – the hammock would easily resist strong winds.

These light-weight straps are also long enough, with a specification of 10-ft to make your hammock’s installation easy. They can also hold a significant amount of weight, as much as 400-lbs, and double hammocks wouldn’t be a problem. Installing your hammock is also made easier with the 36 adjustment areas.

One major factor that affects the installation of your hammock is the availability of tree clusters. In an area where trees are sparsely distributed, you’d need some additional customizable features – the good news is that Grand Tree Trunk Straps provide you with these features.

  • These straps are effective in areas with sparsely distributed trees
  • They stretch up to 10 feet in length
  • The straps have a 400-lbs weight-holding capacity
  • Remarkable 36 adjustment points
  • High-standard daisy chain design
  • They aren’t the longest available straps
  • Quite expensive

3. PYS XL Tree Straps

This unit is made in such a way that it can be quickly and easily installed. The process is so simple that even rookies can do it without breaking a sweat. The straps are also manufactured to satisfy high standards.

When you want to buy the best straps for hanging a hammock, this brand should be taken into consideration. Whenever you’re not using them, they can be compactly packed into their storage bag for portability.

The straps are made with a strong, long-lasting design. The combined 20-ft length specification is enough to make hammock installation easy. These straps don’t slack or sag, even after prolonged use, thanks to the polyester webbing material used to make them. They can also withstand 2000-lbs of weight, which means that you won’t be exposed to the risk of suddenly falling while relaxing in the hammock.

The installation process is something that can be completed within a short timeframe. What you have to do is find trees that are strong enough to securely hold your hammock in place.

  • The straps aren’t heavy
  • Manufactured to satisfy high-quality standards
  • Simple and fast installation
  • The straps offer you with enough length and anchor points
  • Affordable price
  • Hooking up to the loops isn’t so easy

4. ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas

The ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas is highly dependable. If your budget won’t allow you to spend a huge sum on straps, this ENO product would be a great choice because it’s affordable.

The straps are designed to last for a long time, and they can be easily set up. Also, the ENO straps don’t slack over time. Considering how compatible they are with ENO hammocks, you may take them as the best straps for ENO Doublenest hammock, and other similar products.

Furthermore, these straps are also great for backpacking, and other activities that require light-weight equipment. They weigh just 11 ounces. With the 30 adjustment areas, you can set up your hammock in so many different ways – in order to meet your comfort standards.

The kind of fabric used to make the straps will determine how strong they are. This product is made with quality polyfilament webbing. The straps have a 400-lbs weight-holding specification. In fact, some consider them as the best straps for ENO hammock and rightfully so.

  • Budget-friendly
  • The straps are not heavy – 11-ounces
  • You can customize setup, thanks to the 30 adjustment points
  • Can take up to 400-lbs weight
  • Made from long-lasting fabric
  • The straps might not be long enough
  • Some people find it to be bulky

5. Foxelli Hammock Straps

This is a product that we couldn’t skip. If you’re looking to buy some quality straps to securely hold your in place, then this unit is for you.

Each of the straps has a 10.2-ft length specification. This length will make things easier for you when setting up a hammock. 20 loop pairs are also available for you to hook up to. With that number of loops, you can customize the position and elevation of your hammock however you please.

The material used in making the straps, polyester webbing, is long-lasting and strong. The straps won’t sag or slack, even after prolonged use. The straps can also be installed quickly and easily – you’d avoid wasting time for other fun activities.

Whenever you’re not using the pair of quality straps, you can compactly/neatly keep them in their storage bag along with a pair of carabiners. All the accessories needed to make the straps effective are provided. With a 1.2-lbs weight, you can conveniently carry these straps about.

  • Conveniently supports 2000-lbs
  • It has 20 attachment loop pairs and an additional tree attachment loop pair
  • Triple-stitched polyester webbing that makes the straps long-lasting
  • Light-weight at only 1.2-lbs
  • Has just one hue

6. Bear Butt Kodiak

These straps can be simply installed without much effort. They have been manufactured to satisfy high-quality standards. They hold your tent securely in place and don’t expose you to the risk of falling.

The straps have significant extensibility for ease of use – 10-ft each, and just an inch wide. You can conveniently customize your hammock’s installation with the available 20 loop pairs. The nylon material used in making these straps is strong, and it can hold a remarkable 1000 pounds.

These are designed in such a way that they won’t damage the trees used in supporting your hammock. They are gentle on the trees, but tight enough to secure your hammock. You won’t have any trouble setting up the straps, because they have a very simple installation process – it’s something that even first-timers can do.

If you’re looking for quality products that will also last you for several camping trips, you shouldn’t overlook the Bear Butt Kodiak. They are a great addition to your shopping list.

You can also use them with different types, and for other purposes that require such straps.

  • Gentle on trees, but still have a firm grip
  • Sold with carabiner and storage pouch
  • The individual straps have 10-ft specification
  • They can be neatly packed and stored – also light-weight
  • Up to 4 available hues
  • They cannot withstand over 1000-lbs

7. Wise Owl Outfitters XL

When searching for the best hammock tree straps, the Wise Owl Outfitters XL must not be overlooked. Installing this product is simple and straightforward. The straps are long-lasting, and they won’t sag even after prolonged use.

The straps offer you an extension of up to 10-ft – hence, you can secure your it more easily. They are not as light as the previously mentioned models. They have a 15-ounce specification.

These straps have been manufactured to satisfy high-quality, and strength, standards. They can support 400-lbs of weight without snapping or sagging. They also go well with various hammock types.

  • These straps are safe, secure, and easy to use
  • Conveniently supports 400-lbs
  • Customizable with up to 19 loops
  • Works well with several types of hammock
  • Easy to adjust
  • Compared to some other available straps, it isn’t so light
  • The length isn’t sufficient for some people

How to Choose the Best Hammock Straps

You can expect to find a number of temping products and offers when you’re searching for quality straps to securely hold your hammock and bug net in place. Whatever choice you make has to satisfy your needs and preferences.

Each person has their own personal preferences and even available budget. Based on these factors and the following things which you need to consider, you can make the perfect purchase.

Weight Rating

An important feature to be considered is the strap’s weight capacity – how much weight the straps can take without breaking. Every hammock strap has its weight specification/rating. It’s based on this rating that you should make your choice.

The manufacturing design of straps, and also the material used, will determine how much weight they can support. The thicker the straps the stronger they will be. You also need to know how much weight you’d be putting into it like, for example, sleeping pad so as to make the right choice of straps.


The first thing to be considered is the strap length. There are certain regions that have several tree clusters, while others don’t. The further apart the trees are the more strap length you’ll need.

There are some straps that have customizable length features, and you should look out for them. Also, try to do some research about the region where you’ll be camping – this will help you know if the trees would be close together or scattered about.

Adjustment Points

The adjustment points on the straps shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to get the best deals.

These points make it possible to adjust your hammock to the desired position and inclination. They would also affect how easy it is to add other accessories to your hammock.  


You also need to get a product that can be used with a hammock underquilt and be easily installed. There are other things that you’d prefer to use your time for rather than struggling with a pair of hammocking straps.

There are accessories that should come with the straps for the purpose of simple setup/installation. Make sure that the straps you’re buying have all the needed accessories.


Nobody wants to buy a product that spoils after short usage. Instead, long-lasting equipment is always preferred.

Hammocks that are long-lasting will be able to retain their strength even after prolonged usage. This way, you won’t be exposed to the risk of falling while sleeping in your hammock.

Durability will also ensure that you don’t keep spending money on buying new straps all the time.


Versatility is also a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are different exercises that require the use of quality straps.

Whatever choice that you’re making should be able to work effectively in a number of hammocking zones/areas and come with a hammock rainfly. Not all trees are the same, and there are even times when you secure your hammock to something that isn’t a tree.

What matters is the ability of the straps to work well in most of the possible camping, hammocking areas.

Final Thoughts

With our review of the best hammock straps, you should now have sufficient information to guide you on your quest for the perfect purchase. Amongst all the products we’ve reviewed, we chose the MalloMe Hammock Straps as our top recommendation.

This pair of amazing straps can be neatly packed into their storage bag, alongside a pair of carabiners, whenever you’re not using them. With the 1000-lbs weight support in each strap, you get as much as 2000-lbs weight support.

There are 20 loop pairs for comfortable and easy installation. Also, these straps won’t slack after prolonged use – thanks to the integrated loop design.

In the end, what matters is making your choice based on personal preference, requirements, and available budget.


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