Best Camping Tea Kettle Reviews in 2020

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If you’re a regular camper, you’d be able to understand how important a good tea kettle is when outdoors.

If you’ve never been on a camping trip, and you’re planning to, make sure you pack the best camping tea kettle. Whenever it’s cold at camp, you’ll need something to heat up some water for tea – or any other hot beverage.

Best Tea Kettle for Camping

When it comes to making the perfect purchase, you’ll need some experience to make the right choice. This review will serve as a shopping guide.

1. Kelly Kettle Aluminum Camping Kettle

The first item in our review is the Kelly Kettle. It’s an attractive model that’s capable of fast-boiling. Apart from getting water to 100⁰C, this kettle can also be used to cook food. This kettle is of high quality and performs well in outdoor conditions.

The Kelly Kettle is a long-lasting product that is fabricated with strong anodized aluminum. It’s an excellent choice for outdoor camping exercises, and it heats efficiently over the fire – even if your fire is made from some wood and dry leaves.

Considering how fuel-efficient this kettle is, you won’t have to spend much money on the more expensive alternatives.

  • It’s a light-weight kettle – below 2-lbs
  • Fast-boiling kettle
  • Fuel-efficient product
  • Works well for food re-hydration and cooking
  • Heavy and a bit large

2. Mr. Coffee Alderton Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

For those who like to be alerted when their water reaches that 100⁰C boiling mark, this camping kettle is a great choice. It has an elegant structure and a strong body. It’s a product that satisfies the highest standards.

This Mr. Coffee Alderton is fabricated from top-notch stainless steel. For that reason, it’s a highly durable kettle, which performs excellently in outdoor conditions. You also get to boil your water fast in this attractive matte polished kettle.

This kettle is able to boil water efficiently through uniform heating, and it’s available at a relatively fair cost.

  • Designed to last
  • Elegant kettle with an aesthetic look
  • It isn’t heavy – it’s quite portable
  • Made from quality stainless steel
  • Matte polished finish
  • There’s a good lid to cover the kettle’s top
  • Front flip gets hot

3. Docooler Camping Kettle

This kettle is another great mention on our list. Just like the other products mentioned so far, this one is also manufactured with quality materials.

It’s an inexpensive kettle that works excellently in outdoor conditions; it provides you with all the necessary features that a great camping kettle should have.

The Docooler Camping Kettle is capable of withstanding prolonged use – thanks to the aluminum alloy used in its fabrication.

Other features include a rubber covered handle and an oxidation film layer. The latter makes the kettle sturdier and protected from scratches, while the former keeps the hands from getting burned.

  • Portable design
  • Manufactured with strong metal material
  • Valuable product
  • Two available sizes
  • Chemical smell might follow new purchase
  • It doesn’t have enough volume

4. LevelOne Collapsible Silicone Camping Kettle

This is another great mention in our review. It shouldn’t be overlooked when searching for the best camping tea kettle.

This kettle is equipped with the best features, which make it a reliable camping item. It’s a durable product that boils water within a fairly short time frame. The kettle’s durability is owed to the fine blend of silicone and aluminum used in its fabrication.

There’s no need to be worried about getting burned when taking the kettle off a fire – the handle is manufactured from protective plastic.

If you care much about the look of your kettle, there are different available hues of this product. Clearly, the LevelOne Collapsible Silicon Outdoor Camping Kettle is a worthy choice.

  • Portable kettle
  • Made with an aluminum base and silicone body
  • It’s not heavy, and it’s also durable
  • It’s a collapsible kettle
  • Protective plastic handle
  • Doesn’t boil fast enough

5. Fire-Maple Tea Kettle

The Fire-Maple Tea Kettle is fabricated from strong anodized aluminum which allows it to withstand prolonged use in the outdoor environment. If you don’t want heavy loads on your trip, you can settle for this kettle – as it isn’t heavy at all.

The structural design of a kettle will affect how quickly you can get your water to 100⁰C. Thankfully, this kettle is able to boil water efficiently through uniform heating. With this fast-boiling feature, you won’t have to waste all the heat from the campfire on boiling water alone.

Summarily, it’s clear that this Fire-Maple Kettle is a reliable kettle for outdoor camping. It’s also available at a pocket-friendly cost. Feel free to add this beauty to your list of camping equipment.

  • It’s fabricated from tough anodized aluminum
  • Boils water at a faster rate
  • Conserves fuels for making fire
  • It’s a reliable product
  • Works excellently for camping exercises, and other similar activities
  • Not a great choice for solo camping

6. Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle

This is a quality product that has been made to satisfy high standards. It has a strong and durable frame – thanks to the 18/8 stainless steel used in fabricating the kettle.

When you want to take this kettle off a fire, you won’t have to worry about getting burned in the process; the kettle’s handle has been inclined at a safe angle. You can get as much as 1.2-liter volume, at a time, from this unit – which is enough for half a dozen cups of your favorite hot beverage.

When making your hot beverage, you’ll need to get the hot water from the kettle into the cup; this is a key step that requires precision in some instances. Just as its name implies, the Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle deploys the ‘pour-over method’ to get hot water into your tea cup – which really helps to make a nice cup of tea, or any other hot beverage.

When searching for the best camping tea kettle, you shouldn’t overlook this one.

  • Enough volume for up to half a dozen cups of tea or coffee
  • Great handling and dexterity when pouring from the kettle
  • Japanese product, fabricated from 18/8 stainless steel
  • Handle has a safe angle of inclination
  • Making a nice cup of tea is easier with pour-over method
  • Doesn’t have whistle sound to indicate boiling

7. REDCAMP 0.8L Outdoor Kettle

If you can’t afford to bring heavy gear and equipment to camp, especially those on backpacking trips, you can go for this REDCAMP Outdoor Kettle. It isn’t heavy at all, and it has good portability for easy carrying.

The material that this kettle is fabricated from, anodized aluminum, is responsible for its long-lasting nature. You won’t have trouble getting hot water out from the spout into your teacup, and your hand is also protected from burns – thanks to the anti-hot design of the kettle’s handle. This product offers you up to 1.1-Liter volume of hot water at a go.

Apart from the fact that this kettle is perfectly sized for camping convenience, you can also heat your water to 100⁰C within a short timeframe.

Whenever you’re not using the kettle, you can compactly keep it away inside its mesh bag. When compared to the available features of this kettle, the cost of purchase is fair.

  • Durable aluminum design
  • Doesn’t scratch
  • Emptying water through the spout is easy
  • Foldable anti-hot handle that locks securely
  • Volume capacity of 1.1 liter
  • Works great for outdoor activities
  • None

8. Primula PTK-6130 Tea Kettle

Next on our list is the Primula PTK-6130 Kettle which is a quality product that’s worth the mention. Fabricated from stainless steel, this product has enough liquid-holding volume.

Thanks to the top-notch material used to fabricate this kettle, it’s long-lasting and capable of withstanding outdoor conditions – you won’t need to buy a new kettle every time you’re going to camp.

This Primula PTK-6130 Catalina Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle combines a bunch of high-quality features that make it so efficient. For instance, there’s a cool stay handle that protects your hand from heat when taking the kettle off a fire.

Unlike the previous product, this one is a whistling kettle; once your water has reached the 100⁰C mark, the kettle whistles to alert you.

  • Seamless, rolled bottom
  • Fabricated from stainless steel
  • 3-quart volume rating
  • Fast-boiling whistling kettle
  • Cool handle with trigger spout
  • Whistling sound isn’t loud enough

How to Choose the Best Camping Tea Kettle

When it comes to picking out a quality tea kettle, there are a couple of things that you should know, same as with a quality camping tent. These things would help you to identify the qualities of a kettle that will serve you best.

For instance, if you’re searching for the best stainless camping tea kettle, you’ll have to pay attention to the material used in making it

With material included, here are all the things to look out for when buying your camping kettle:


You’ll need to find out the kettle’s size/volume capacity before making a final purchase. You should get something that can boil enough water at once to satisfy your needs – this will save you from repetitive boiling.


Before buying a camping kettle, you need to know what material was used in its fabrication.

This is because the material used will determine its durability, efficiency and reliability. Kettles made out of anodized aluminum are usually strong and excellent for outdoor conditions.

However, these aluminum-based kettles might be the strongest and most conductive, but they aren’t the lightest. Backpacking and other light-weight exercises may require silicone-based kettles.


The handle is another important feature that mustn’t be overlooked. This is because you’ll need to grab the kettle by the handle when you’re pouring hot water into your cup.

A poorly designed handle will subject the hands to heat burns. The best camping kettles have protective handles made out of heat-resistant materials.

Heat Source

The best tea kettle should be able to work with most heat sources. The fire at camp might be made from dry wood and leaves, propane stove, or some electric heater.

Whichever heat source you plan to use at camp, make sure that your kettle can efficiently boil water over it.

Camping Kettle Benefits

If you’re wondering what benefits are attached to using a camping kettle, here are the answers you need.

First, you should know that the outdoor camping environment can get really cold, and you’ll need some warm water for tea, to make a warm bath, to cook, and so on.

With a good camping kettle, you’ll be able to heat up water for storage inside portable flasks, and for even washing dirty dishes. In short, if you want to get hot water while camping, a camping kettle is a great solution.

Final Thoughts

After doing all this research, we came to the conclusion that the best camping tea kettle is the Kelly Kettle.

It’s an attractive model that’s capable of fast-boiling. Apart from getting water to 100⁰C, this kettle can also be used to cook food. This kettle is of high quality and performs well in outdoor conditions.

It’s a long-lasting product that’s made with strong anodized aluminum. This kettle is an excellent choice for outdoor camping exercises, and it heats efficiently over the fire – even if your fire is made from some wood and dry leaves.

Considering how fuel-efficient this kettle is, you won’t have to spend much money on the more expensive alternatives.


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