Best Camping Flashlight Reviewed in 2020

camping flashlight to illuminate your outdoor trip

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There are a lot of accessories that you can use in your camping trips. One of such accessories is the camping flashlight.

You’re not fully prepared for your outdoor camping trip if you haven’t packed some flashlights. Flashlights are meant to assist you in low visibility conditions like a thick fog or during night time.

When it comes to choosing the right flashlight, you’ll be presented with different available options. Some might even want to make use of flashlight apps on their mobile devices.

However, you must know that there are flashlights designed specifically for camping. These flashlights are stronger, brighter, and capable of illuminating the darkest nights.

Best Flashlight for Camping

In order to make the best purchase, you always have to consider certain key factors.

Some of the major factors that can influence your purchase decision are personal preference and available budget. These factors vary in different individuals.

This review that we put together is meant to provide you with useful information to help you purchase a good outdoor flashlight for your needs.

1. Streamlight 75458 Rechargeable Flashlight

Our review of the best camping flashlight starts with the Streamlight 75458 Flashlight. It’s a product that’s efficient in the lowest visibility conditions.

It’s a unit that’s manufactured to satisfy high standards. It has a strong and reliable framework. It also features a compact design that allows it to be easily held as you move about on campgrounds and other outdoor areas. It isn’t heavy and it has a rubber design on its body for a firm grip.

Other quality features include a 120-Volt AC/DC rating, super-bright LED rays, and up to 50,000 hours lifespan.

There are various adjustable features on the flashlight, all of which are relevant in different situations. It can withstand up to 3-feet drops and has an IPX4 water-resistant rating. However, it’s a pricey product.

  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • Minimum capacity of 1½ hours, maximum is 5 hours
  • 6.75 x 2.75-inch specification, with a 3 inch diameter
  • Anti-shock 3-watt Luxeon LED
  • Its interior parts may get melted

2. Maglite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight

This is another LED product that works effectively in various outdoor conditions. It’s a quality tool that lasts long and shines bright.

The Maglite Flashlight is a sturdy unit with an aluminum framework that doesn’t spoil easily. You can also carry this torch into the rain without any worry. It has a tightly sealed waterproof exterior.

The flashlight also features customizable modes that work efficiently in different situations. The light beam can be configured to a widespread or thin width. It can illuminate objects that are at 1351-ft away. The flashlight’s frame is resistant to rust.

  • Made with a weather-resistant exterior
  • Framework doesn’t get rusted
  • Customizable light beam
  • The light might begin to flicker after prolonged use

3. BYB Rechargeable Flashlight

Next on our list is the BYB Rechargeable Flashlight. This is another flashlight that has been manufactured to function effectively in the outdoor environment. It’s a quality product with an elegant design, and it’s sold at a budget-friendly price.

This is a product that lasts for a significant period of time. It also features an IPX6 specification that helps it perform effectively in low visibility conditions.

Its durability is contributed to by a sturdy aluminum alloy framework. Once this flashlight is charged to full capacity, it can last you for up to 2½ full days.

This flashlight also has customizable features that can be used to improve its efficiency in different outdoor situations. For instance; you can save power with the ultra-low beam mode. You can also switch between the high, medium, and low beam options.

  • Has an elegant look
  • Durable battery life
  • Comes with a removable pocket clip
  • Its lumen output is not as high as many other similar flashlights
  • The off-button delays when pressed

4. GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000

The aluminum material used to manufacture this flashlight is long-lasting and strong. It also performs well against wetness and moisture. This GearLight S1000 can withstand impacts from as high as 10-ft above ground level.

When you look at all the amazing features offered by this product, you’ll see that it is sold at a fair price. This LED flashlight can reach a 1000-ft distance.

You can also choose from the various available modes, based on immediate needs. The light rays coming out of the flashlight can be customized to spread out at smaller or larger angles.

Compared to the high quality provided by this product, the price charged for it is reasonable. This is a model that’s guaranteed to serve you well on your camping trip, and other outdoor exercises.

  • Illuminates things that are up to 1000-ft away
  • Made from durable military-grade aluminum
  • Up to 5 operating modes and customizable zoom feature
  • 10 times brighter than incandescent lights
  • 12-month warranty
  • Warranty could be better
  • When compared to other flashlights in this review, it isn’t bright enough

5. Olight H2R Flashlight

Next is this Olight H2R Flashlight. When it comes to hands-free products, this unit is a great pick. It’s a quality product that’s manufactured to satisfy high standards. Its design also makes it effective in various outdoor conditions.

This is one of those flashlights that can be worn on the head. Once secured appropriately on the head, the flashlight can be taken anywhere you need to go.

It can also be positioned on the hip – by using the pocket clip feature – for more illumination options. Basically, you can select which handsfree option you want based on personal preference and needs.

The flashlight shines brightly with a 2300-lumen rating. It also has cool blue illumination and white light options that shine at different brightness levels. The flashlight has a portable design and works well in really dark situations. It’s a product that offers great quality and effectiveness at a fair price.

  • Handsfree feature
  • Sold at a fair price
  • Works excellently for short ranges
  • Doesn’t work well over long distances
  • It isn’t a strobe light

6. Ledlenser – MT18 Rechargeable Handheld Flashlight

The Ledlenser MT18 Rechargeable Flashlight is a worthy mention. It has a bogus look, but it’s not heavy.

It can also be held easily with a firm grip. This quality flashlight works excellently in the darkest outdoor conditions – thanks to a remarkable 3000-lumen specification.

Compared to many other flashlights, this one is very bright. The blinding lights from this product shouldn’t be mistakenly shone into other campers’ eyes. This is why the product is equipped with a safety lock to prevent such situations. This rechargeable flashlight has a maximum running capacity of four full days.

When you’re shopping for the best flashlight for camping, you cannot overlook this Ledlenser model. The integrated rapid focus design makes it easy to concentrate the light beams on objects at various distances from you. In conclusion, this flashlight is a reliable product that offers you effective lighting in dark situations.

  • Has a nice and firm grip
  • Works excellently in various outdoor environments
  • Durable battery life and fast charge feature
  • It’s a pricey product

7. ThruNite TC15 Ultra-Bright Flashlight

This is a quality flashlight with a light-weight design. It’s also highly portable and can be carried about with ease.

The fact that this product is not heavy makes it versatile and practically usable in many situations. It has a weight specification of 2.5 ounces. It can be easily packed with other camping equipment in your backpack.

This flashlight may look small, but it still has an impressive 2300-lumen rating. It shines brightly in the dark and illuminates objects at a distance of 800 feet away. You can conveniently switch between low, medium, high, turbo, firefly, and strobe modes according to your immediate needs.

Based on what you need – how much brightness is required at the moment – you can make use of the different illuminating strengths and time frame associated with each of the previously mentioned light modes. This flashlight can go for as long as 984 hours when put on firefly mode.

  • Weighs very little – just 2.5 ounces
  • Various available modes with unique run times
  • Rechargeable battery
  • It’s quite expensive
  • It can be easily misplaced

8. Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90 LED Flashlight

If you want to get the best flashlight for camping, you shouldn’t overlook this product.

It has a sleek and elegant structure that does well in rainy conditions – with an IP65 specification. This flashlight offers you bright coverage for distances as far as 660 feet away.

It’s also equipped with sufficient customizable modes for efficiency in various outdoor conditions. The light beam can be set to wide, narrow, zoom, strobe, or sand SOS option, based on your immediate needs. You can also control how bright you want the flashlight to be.

When the flashlight is low on power, you can quickly recharge it with the micro USB cord that comes with it. Its bodywork is made from quality aluminum material that has high durability. You can get a firm grip on the flashlight with the anti-slip feature designed on its body.

  • 900-lumen CREE LED
  • 18-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Illuminates objects at a 660-ft distance
  • Rechargeable battery, with 3350mAh rating
  • IP65 water-resistant rating
  • Compared to other similar products, it’s quite pricey
  • It’s not as bright as other competing flashlights

How to Find the Best Camping Flashlight

If you’re wondering what type of flashlight is best for camping, there are a couple of key features that you must pay attention to.

These features include:


You should also know how long the flashlight can last for when the battery is fully charged.

The brighter the flashlight, the faster its battery runs out. The best runtime can be gotten from an LED flashlight.


What good is a flashlight that’s too dim?

This is why you must always pay attention to the brightness of the flashlight you want to buy. A good product would have enough lumens to illuminate objects over a long distance.


The more adjustments and customizable features available on a flashlight, the more versatile it’ll be.

If the flashlight has modes that you can easily pick from – like high, medium, and low brightness modes – you’d be able to make use of it in various situations.

Some flashlights also allow you to narrow the light beam for focused illumination.


Next is water resistance. The ability to take your flashlight into the rain is an addition to its efficiency. Before you purchase a flashlight, make sure you’ve determined how well it handles water.

There’s usually an IPX specification that tells you this. The IPX rating values usually range from 1 to 8. The flashlight’s resistance to water increases in direct proportion with the number rating.

For instance, an IPX7 rating is more water-resistant than an IPX3 rating. Basically, make a choice based on your personal needs, preferences, and weather of the campground.


Durability is another key feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. It won’t be nice if you have to keep buying a new flashlight every time you’re going outdoors.

The best flashlights should be made out of a strong material that doesn’t get damaged, even in the harshest conditions. A strong flashlight would be able to withstand prolonged and constant use.


Rechargeable flashlights are cost-efficient and less stressful. Instead of having to carry extra packs of replacement batteries, all you’ll need is a charging cord and supply source.


This is also a feature that mustn’t be overlooked. Size is usually directly proportional to weight.

This means that a bigger flashlight might be too heavy for your trip. If you know that you can’t handle heavy accessories, you should go for a smaller and more compact flashlight.

Smaller flashlights are also portable and convenient to carry around. However, the size of the unit you’re purchasing shouldn’t cause the torch to have a dim light.


A warranty is a great addition to any purchase.

This shows how much confidence the manufacturers have in their product. It also gives you the assurance of a refund in case the product doesn’t meet your standards.

These warranties are usually valid over a specified timeframe. It’s advisable to get one that has a long validity period.


Nobody wants to buy a piece of equipment that’s too complicated to use. For this reason, it’s better to determine how easy it is to use a flashlight before finalizing your purchase.

Besides, if there’s an emergency that requires instant illumination, you shouldn’t have to waste time before getting the flashlight to come on.

Benefits of Camping Flashlights

If you’re not sure why a flashlight is so important, here are a couple of reasons that tell you why:


Some people feel that they can just make use of a flashlight app on their mobile devices when camping.

The downside to that option is that these phone torches don’t last long, and they drain your phone’s battery.

However, a proper camping flashing, once fully charged, will last for hours/days while brightly illuminating your surroundings.

Accident Prevention

Accidents happen all the time, and one common cause of accidents is low/poor visibility. When your immediate surrounding is too dark, you can easily bump into or trip over obstacles.

For this reason, you need to have a bright flashlight that will illuminate and highlight the objects in your surroundings. A good flashlight will cover both close range and long-range distances.

Helpful in Case of Emergencies

One thing about emergency situations is that you never see them coming. However, you can always be prepared for them.

One way to prepare for emergencies in the outdoor world is by having a powerful flashlight with you.

This will ensure that you have a way of illuminating your surroundings and getting help where needed.


Flashlights provide you with convenience and can be easily carried.

Some flashlights have a hands free feature that allows them to be worn around the head or attached to the hip region.

Extremely Safe

Safety is very important regardless of where you are. Although being outdoors is probably more dangerous than being in your house. For this reason, you should have a flashlight for protection.

You can use it as a weapon by hitting it on an attacking beast or person. You can also point the bright light into their eyes to confuse or scare them off.

Camping Flashlights vs. Regular Flashlights

This article would be incomplete if we didn’t address this topic. If you’ve never been on a camping trip or a prolonged outdoor exercise, you might think that regular flashlights work as well as camping flashlights.

But this isn’t true. Regular flashlights don’t shine as bright as camping flashlights – they have much lower lumen ratings.

You need something with a better illumination that shines brightly over longer distances. This is why camping flashlights are made.

These tools are much more versatile and can be deployed in any outdoor conditions. They have studier structures and frames that make them long lasting. Also, you can’t compare the batteries used in camping flashlights to those used in the regular ones.

Camping flashlights are equipped with batteries that have a higher energy storage capacity and can be recharged. You’d also find integrated additions like glass breakers, lantern lights, SOS mode, USB charger ports, and the likes on a camping flashlight.


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