Best Camping Cot Reviews in 2020

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When you’re going on a camping trip, there are a lot of preparations to be made. It won’t be a great experience if you just left your home without making plans and provisions for a comfortable stay at the campsite.

To be comfortable and relaxed at camp, certain products have been manufactured and distributed for campers to buy and use. These products include cookware, tents, tarps, hammocks, rainfly, sleeping bags, camping knives etc.

However, we are going to be focusing on camping cots in this article. By the end of the product reviews, you should be able to easily get the best camping cot for you.

Best Backpacking Cot

Camping cots are among the many equipment and items that campers use for sleeping.

We have reviewed some of them for you; all of which are excellent options to try.

1. Coleman Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo

This is a fantastic item from Coleman. It’s a versatile product that serves simultaneously as a cot and air mattress.

This combo is not a common feature of many other rival products. The air mattress can be easily set up with the aid of an effective battery-powered pump that’s included in the package.

Apart from its comfortable sleeping surface, campers also get to enjoy a pull-out side table that has been integrated into the cot’s structure. This addition increases the versatility of the cot, as it provides campers with extra storage room.

  • Versatile cot equipped with interesting and useful features
  • It’s a comfortable product
  • Easy installation with battery-powered air pump
  • Features an integrated pull-out side table
  • Convenient height
  • Bulky structure

2. Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

If you’re hoping to buy the best camping cot, you should take this one into consideration. There are no complications with its design, and it’s capable of providing campers with quality rest support.

This is a product that’s well tested and trusted. It also provides you with useful features at a fair price. Installing the cot at camp is a simple and straightforward process.

Apart from its ease of use, the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is cushioned properly with an inner foam mattress. This way, you can sleep on the cot all night without suffering body pains after.

The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is able to support taller campers as it has a lengthy structure with 6½ -ft specification.

  • Quick and simple installation
  • It’s well-padded and comfortable
  • Can withstand about 300 pounds of weight
  • Lengthy structure – with a 6 ½ ft specification
  • Long-lasting design
  • It might be too small for some
  • Large space is needed to set it up

3. VIVO Camping Cot

Not everyone wants heavyweight equipment when going on a camping trip. If you fall into this category, you can choose the VIVO Cot – as it’s lightweight and compact. This cot is also pocket-friendly and capable of providing a significant amount of comfort.

This cot isn’t that wide, and is manufactured from polyester material with an aluminum frame. Don’t let this cot’s small size and light weight fool you; it’s able to support 20 times its own weight. When you buy this product, there’s a compact storage bag that comes along with the package.

The VIVO Camping Cot doesn’t have the most features or the highest quality among other competing cots, but it’s still worth the purchasing price.

  • Equipped with a strong steel skeleton
  • Comes with a 12-months manufacturer warranty
  • Versatile cot that serves many purposes
  • Quality carry bag for compact storage
  • Poor quality

4. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot

This wonderful TETON cot is a quality product that has been structured to support campers while sleeping.

If you want something that would serve you well and hold up your weight, you shouldn’t overlook the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot. It’s a lightweight unit that can support over 20 times its own weight. When you’re done using the cot, it can be compactly folded down for easy storage.

Campers can be sure of a good night’s rest when using this cot – thanks to the unique end bar that holds the sleeping canvas securely in place. The cot also has a simple and quick installation process that’s a result of the integrated swivel bar structure.

You won’t need to worry about insufficient space when using this product, as it’s built with a huge amount of sleeping space. Because of its great features, there are a lot of campers that take this product as the best cot for camping.

  • Sturdy cot with large weight support
  • Quick and simple installation process
  • Can withstand weights of up to 600 pounds
  • It’s a light-weight unit
  • Provides campers with sufficient sleeping space
  • After installation, it can’t be easily adjusted to a different position – that may scatter the whole setup

5. ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot

Next up, we have the ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot. This is an excellent option for campers who don’t have much budget to spend on a cot. Thanks to its lightweight and portable size, this product qualifies as the best backpacking cot according to our opinion.

The cot has a low elevation above ground level and is supported by a spring-tensioned skeleton. Setting up this cot is a simple and straightforward process, which can be completed within the shortest time frame.

In addition, this ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot is made out of a durable polyester material that doesn’t get damaged easily. In summary, this cot is a good example of products that can offer great quality at a low price.

  • Fabricated from 600D Polyester material
  • Comes with a storage bag for portability and ease of movement
  • It’s a lightweight product that’s easy to set up
  • Sturdy steel frame that lasts for a long period of time
  • Could offer much more at that price

6. Timber Ridge Utility Folding XL Cot

This one is a sturdy cot with significant weight support. It’s also lengthy and can fit tall individuals. With its 600D polyester rip-stop material, you won’t have to worry about frequent damage.

Although this product might not be the lightest so far, it offers campers with high durability. The framework is made from a strong and resilient steel material.

When it’s time to install this cot at camp, you won’t have any problems – as it’s a simple and straightforward process. Also, after you’re done with the cot, you can pack it down easily into its carry bag for portable transport.

The cot is also wide enough to conveniently support you when resting – it has a 31-inch width specification that provides you with sufficient relaxation space.

  • Equipped with a sturdy steel frame and 600D polyester fabric
  • Features a side removable mesh bag for added storage
  • 12-months warranty
  • It can be compactly folded into the carry bag for portable transport
  • It isn’t so durable


We couldn’t do this product review without mentioning the BYER OF MAINE Easy Cot. It’s another standard camping item that serves the purpose of providing comfort to campers.

This cot comes with a nice carry bag for compact storage whenever it’s not in use. Installing this cot is also a simple, quick, and straightforward process – can be set up within a minute.

If you don’t like your sleeping platform located close to the ground, you can opt for this significantly elevated cot – it’s raised to an 18-inch height. The cot also has an extensive length that can suit taller campers. Apart from its length and elevation, the product is capable of supporting 16 times its own weight.

The BYER OF MAINE Easy Cot is a wonderful outdoor item. The cot packs down compactly for portability and ease of transport.

  • It’s built from sturdy materials and can support up to 330 pounds
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Lengthy cot that can conveniently support tall campers
  • Features a carry bag with shoulder strap
  • It sags excessively

8. Coleman Trailhead II Cot

As you can see, Coleman is a top player in the camping game. They are able to deliver a third product that has made it into our reviews of the outdoor cots. With that in mind, you can expect the Coleman Trailhead II Cot to deliver great quality.

Setting up this unit is a breeze – you can set it up on the X-structured legs wherever you want, and also pack it up with ease. When you’re ready to move from a certain spot/location, you can compactly fold this cot into your storage unit and get going.

With this product, you’ll get to enjoy a significant amount of weight support – it can hold up to 300 pounds in weight. There are extra compartments with plenty of storage room that can be found on this cot.

  • Great amount of strength and balance
  • Quick and easy setup process
  • Made out of materials with good ventilation
  • Roomy side storage compartments
  • The design isn’t that attractive

How to Pick the Best Camping Cot

Camping cots are one of the sleeping equipment that has been manufactured to provide campers with comfort. However, not everyone would like to use a cot – based on individual preferences and needs.

If you do like camping cots, there are various options to select from. Your final purchase would be determined by your personal preferences, available budget, and camping needs.

Before finalizing your purchase, you must also be sure that what you’re about to buy is going to satisfy your needs and provide you with comfort.

For instance, if you’re going to be sharing the cot with another person, you would want to get the best camping cot for two for sure. The weather condition would also affect your choice of cot – regions with higher temperatures would require a cot that’s made from breathable material.

We’ve listed and explained some of the key features to watch out for when buying your cot. Make sure you do not overlook any of them. If you can do that, buying the best cot for camping wouldn’t be a problem.


Stronger cot fabric usually lasts longer and withstands huge weights. The Denier (D) rating of the fabric used will determine how strong and reliable it is.

This D-rating has a directly proportional relationship with quality and durability – meaning that a 400D fabric isn’t as good as 500D.

Apart from durability-influencing D ratings, you should also look out for cots with rip-stop fabric. These ones are usually found in tear-resistant products.

Hence, the perfect fabric strength can be derived from a combo of quality Denier rating and rip-stop feature.


Before you take that newly bought camping cot home, make sure you’ve checked to see if its height matches your physical profile well. If the cot isn’t long enough, you’ll have your feet dangling off one end.

People who are short may not have such trouble with the camping cots. Whatever your height may be, just make sure that you get the accurate specifications – length, width, and height – of the cot.

When it comes to the cot’s height, not all campers would want their sleeping platform close to the ground; some just prefer sufficiently elevated platforms. If you fall into that category, get a cot that’s elevated a good number of inches above ground level.

Apart from elevation, there are also cots that are equipped with added storage compartments or pockets. The space between the cot’s base and the ground can be utilized for storage purpose – with a nice compartment integrated on the cot’s bottom end.

After considering the cot’s height and length, you should also take note of its width. If the width is too narrow, you would suffer discomfort. You could get a lot of width out of the best double camping cot – especially if there’ll be two of you sharing the cot.


Purchasing a cot that doesn’t provide comfort is a total waste. Camping cots are made for the purpose of sleep and rest. The best camping cots with pillows should have cushioning in the right areas.

This way, you won’t feel like you’re sleeping on bare metal frames. Good cot fabric should also have a significant level of breathability – so that you won’t be all sweaty in hot weather.

Make sure you don’t overlook the comfort factor when making that final purchase.


Another thing to consider is your cot’s weight. Not all camping activities are favorable for heavy equipment. For instance, those who are into backpacking cannot afford the luxury of back-breaking equipment.

Hence, it’s important to know how much weight you’re equipped to handle before buying your camping cot – it would be a shame if you spent all the energy gained from your night rest on hauling a heavy cot through the campground.

The materials used to make the cot would influence its weight. Make sure you go for one that’s made from a light-weight metal frame and light-weight fabric. You should have it in mind that heavier materials are more long-lasting than light-weight ones. Based on what your priority is, make a choice.


Your personal profile and the number of people sleeping on the cot at a time will determine what width is best. Your usual sleeping position would also affect how much width will be enough for you.

For instance, you may want to purchase the best camping cot for side sleepers if you mostly sleep on your side, and not your back. Side sleepers would require a narrower width than those who sleep on their back.

Also, if you’re going to use the cot inside a tent, consider buying one with a width that will easily fit in the tent.


The framework is the cot’s skeletal support system. Clearly, a weak frame won’t be able to withstand significant weight.

The framework is even more important than the cot’s fabric – this is because a damaged frame will condemn the entire cot, while damaged fabric can be repaired or changed.

Apart from contributing to the cot’s strength and durability, the frame’s design also determines how compact and portable the cot is. Make sure you buy a camping cot with a foldable frame that packs down nicely for easy storage.


Before you book your spot at the campground, make sure you’ve made inquiries about the site’s weather conditions – whether it would be really hot, cold, or somewhere between.

There are different fabrics with varying thicknesses used in making cots. If you’re camping in prevalent hot weather conditions, you should look for a material with good breathability/ventilation.

Colder conditions may require you to toss in a few additional accessories. You can bring a nice warm blanket that would cover you effectively and keep you from freezing up.

Packed Size

Camping cots can be folded and unfolded when they’re to be used. The way a cot folds down and the shape it takes when folded are very important.

Campers that don’t have much space in their travel bags or vehicles should buy cots that compactly fold down for portability.

It would be a shame if the cot was still too big, even after being folded down, to fit into your luggage.


Nobody wants to spend all their time setting up a cot when there are many other fun things to do. Because of that, you should look for a cot that’s designed to fold and unfold easily.

Don’t make the mistake of getting a cot with a complex installation process – except if you can handle it, and you don’t mind the process.


One of the key factors that would influence your purchase is the available budget. Typically, you’d want to buy a camping cot that falls within a price range you can afford.

However, you should know that quality can sometimes be directly proportional to cost – meaning that pricey cots could potentially give you the best quality and comfort.

For this reason, you may need to rethink your budget allocation for the cot, and spend a little more money. Besides, it’s better to buy a pricey cot that lasts than to buy a cheap one that spoils fast.

Although, that doesn’t mean that every pricey/expensive cot is worth the money. This is why it’s important for you to know what excellent features are to be found in the best camping cot. That way, you may even find a cheap cot that’s worth the money.

Extra Accessories

Apart from sturdy frames and padded fabric, camping cots are also equipped with additional accessories for more comfort.

Some of the common accessories found on camping cots include:

Carrying Case

A carry bag is a wonderful cot accessory. It provides you with a means of easily carrying the folded cot. Some have a shoulder strap for hands-free carriage.

Storage Pockets

Storage pockets are added to cots for the safe storage of certain items. The size of the pockets would determine what objects can be fitted inside.

Side Table

Side tables are additional platforms for conveniently keeping small accessories like smartphones, shades, stationery etc.

Rubber Feet

Cots stand on sturdy metal frames, and the ends of each leg could do some damage if they aren’t padded in some way. This is why lots of cots are designed with rubber feet.

Foam Mattress

Considering how important comfort is, foam mattresses are a great addition to camping cots. This way, you get a great load of additional cushioning/ padding and you can sleep like a baby while at camp.

Mosquito Netting

Lastly, mosquito netting is another useful accessory for camping cots. Since you’ll be camping out in the open, you’re likely going to be attacked by notorious mosquitoes. An added mosquito net would serve you greatly as defense against those bugs.

What is a Camping Cot?

A cot is a relaxation platform that’s usually elevated, on sturdy metal legs, at some height above ground level. These cots are designed to provide you with a significant amount of comfort while sleeping.

The cots are usually designed with foldable frames that can be quickly unfolded when you need to take a nap and folded back when you’re ready to move. The military was the pioneer user of this thing.

Benefits of Camping Cots

Backpacking trips are usually in demand of portable and compact camping equipment. Also, backpacking requires you to travel with light-weight equipment. However, a backpacking cot may fit compactly into your bag, but it could still weigh a lot.

Regardless of how much weight the cot may add, there are still great benefits to be enjoyed when using a cot.

They Are Comfortable

First, there’s a great level of comfort offered by quality cots. These camping cots are designed with padded fabrics and elevated heights to keep you off the ground while also enjoying your sleep.

The cots also come with additional accessories like side tables and storage pockets for improved comfort.

They Keep You Warm

Another benefit of using camping cots is warmth. The great outdoors can get really cold at times, and it won’t be nice if you had to sleep on the floor in such cold weather.

Hence, you would benefit greatly by using a cot that keeps you off the ground and also provides you with warmth-giving fabric.

They Protect Your Health

Lastly, you should consider taking a cot on your backpacking exercise for the purpose of protected health.

Since camping cots are tailored to provide campers with good sleep and comfort, you’ll be adequately protected from sleep-related health demerits. Besides, sleeping on hard uncomfortable floors could lead to body pains and fatigue.

Final Thoughts

Camping cots are one of the many products that have been designed to provide campers with quality and comfortable sleep.

We have reviewed 8 products in this article, and have selected the Coleman Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo as the best camping cot. Unlike other similar products, this one is a combination of a cot and air mattress.

It’s also made of high-quality materials and provides you with comfort. The cot is totally worth its cost of purchase and deserves to go on your shopping list.


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