Best 10 Person Tent for a Large Party in 2020

10 person tent for huge gatherings

Camping with family once in a while is one of the best ways to form lasting family bonds by creating timeless memories with the people who matter the most to you. But, in order to have a good time while camping you need to have comfortable digs and that’s where finding the best 10 person tent comes in.

The best part about investing in a family-sized tent early on is that you can then use it for many more years to come. This way, you’ll know that you have something to use whenever you feel like planning another camping trip.

Best 10-Person Camping Tent

As promised, below we have a review of the best 10 person tents available on the market today, with a special focus on tents that are well-made, robust, and comfortable. Read on and take your pick!

1. Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

Although difficult to set up initially, the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent is made for comfort. First, you have the convenient two D-shaped doors for easy entry. One of which comes with a unique hinge design. This is in addition to a back door that closes with a zipper so you can come and go more quietly.

But, what makes this a great option is the fact that it can accommodate up to three queen-size mattresses with a high ceiling that facilitates comfortability. This tent has a quasi-dome shape which gives it a bit of extra headroom, despite the slight slope at the edges.

This tent is quite well-ventilated, as evidenced by the numerous windows on display. They’re so big that they’ll give you a perfect view of the outside even with the rainfly on.

The only issue we have with this tent is the functional hinge door. It seems to like opening up spontaneously at times. The only recourse to this, of course, is to try and keep it shut with the Velcro tab.

  • Electrical cord access port
  • Comes with color-coded poles and pole sleeves
  • Ceiling height measures six feet by eight inches
  • Zippered back door
  • Hinged front door
  • Welded floors and inverted seams
  • Fits three queen-sized beds
  • The hinged door has a knack for opening on its own

2. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Next up, we have this budget-friendly tent from Browning Camping. It’s easy to install and comes with a number of features that make it a no-brainer option for families who want to go camping.

This includes its unique hub design which makes for effortless setup. It’s easy to enter and exit into this tent, thanks to the 2 large doors, and it comes with fiberglass poles and steel uprights for easy installation.

The tent is covered with an awning that helps to protect from insects and undesirable or extreme weather conditions like humid sunshine, wind and rain. This tent is rather tall in the middle, which makes it extremely accommodating and comfortable to be in.

It also features straight sidewalls so that it’s easier for you to put in your camping colors and furniture. The wall divider is a great way to separate the tent into two rooms if you want.

  • It’s well-ventilated
  • Easy to access thanks to the large front door
  • It has a tall height
  • Spacious enough to divide into two spacious rooms for the whole family
  • It could use more pocket storage
  • The design of the tent isn’t optimal for families with small children and dogs

3. Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

The 10 person cabin tent from Core lives up to the company’s reputation as one of the premier tent manufacturers. From the moment you unpack this, it’s clear why it’s so popular and highly rated. It’s well-made with the customer in mind, and it comes with a lot of thought-out features.

Sure, it’s smaller than the other tents on this list, measuring just 140 square feet. But it’s still suitable for 10 people and the best part is that it comes with a high roof, straight walls, and more than enough gear storage. This means you can use a lot of the floor space for just hanging out and having a good time as opposed to just storing stuff and sleeping in it.

It comes with a gear loft and multiple pockets designed precisely to store all of your stuff while making sure that it doesn’t take up much space in the general living area. It also comes with a removable room divider to keep everyone well-accommodated and an electric access port to charge your electronics. This is in addition to lantern holding hooks and other sources of light to keep the space illuminated.

Keep in mind that this tent is constructed from H20Block treated poly. This makes it water-resistant and ideal to have in the winter, and it comes with a mesh roof and multiple windows to keep it well-ventilated. Thanks to the oversized rainfly, you don’t have to worry about the elements at all once you’re inside.

  • It’s backed by a one-year limited warranty
  • The tent comes with an expendable carry bag, tent stakes, room divider, gear loft, rainfly, and tent poles
  • The gear loft sports a lantern hook and pockets for extra storage
  • Comes with a room divider
  • Made with CORE H20 Block Technology and adjustable ground vents
  • With a center height of 86 inches, this tent is large enough to accommodate 10 people and two queen air mattresses
  • Cheaply made

4. NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person Camping Tent

The NTK Arizona GT cabin tent is just what you need if you want a unique high-quality contraption for you and your family to call home for a few nights in the wilderness.

It has a high ceiling to ensure comfort for the older members of the family and it’s color-coded so you know installing it won’t be a headache.

To keep customers dry and warm, NTK Arizona created a waterproof floor with unique features like long-lasting anti-fungus, and a silver-coated inner layer of polyethylene.

This means you can easily camp in the rain with this tent and not have to worry about the effects of moisture retention or condensation.

  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Features a higher base that makes it hard for rainwater to come in
  • Offers excellent ventilation
  • This is a spacious tent that can easily accommodate up to 10 people at one time
  • Waterproof, rugged, and easy to install
  • You can’t open the window flaps from the inside

5. ALPHA CAMP 10-12 Person Family Camping Tent

The thing you want from a 10 person camping tent is attention to detail and that’s what the durable Alpha Camp offers. It’s made from rugged leak-proof and moisture-proof materials that guarantee a dry floor. It offers bug-free lounging areas and a huge awning on the front to protect it from rain and sun.

This tent also comes with several ventilation options including a top mesh panel, five windows, and a D-style door. It’s made from high-grade steel poles, so you know it can easily handle strong winds without a problem.

The mesh layer is a really sweet option that helps to guarantee a peaceful sleep no matter how humid and bug-infested it gets at your campsite.

This is also a versatile tent that comes with more than enough room to keep all of your stuff in the right place. This includes large side pockets for you to keep all of your gear and room dividers to ensure that everyone enjoys their privacy. For safety’s sake, Alpha Camp has included a reflective tent rope to keep you visible in low-light conditions.

  • Easy to enter and exit
  • Great for night camping
  • Weather-proof, bug-resistant, and leak and moisture-proof
  • It comes with a carry bag with wheels
  • Features all the installation tools you need including tent stakes, tent poles, and a rainfly
  • Comes with detailed and simple to understand setup instructions
  • Although not super expensive, this tent doesn’t come cheap either
  • It only comes in one color

6. Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent

This 10 person pop up tent from Ozark is all you need to camp comfortably no matter what the weather’s doing outside. This smart tent is super easy to set up in less than two minutes thanks to its no-assembly design.

It also offers exceptional privacy and darkness regulation on account of its proprietary dark rest technology.

This tent isn’t lacking in the space department either, boasting enough space to accommodate two queen airbeds. This is in addition to deluxe gear pockets and a hanging gear organizer so you know where everything is stored at all times.

With all that said, it’s important to note that there have been some complaints about some of the chemicals used in making this tent, which some California residents say can cause reproductive harm, birth defects, and even cancer.

  • Comes with two D-shaped doors for ventilation
  • Features gear pockets and a hanging organizer for storage
  • No installation needed
  • It comes with skylights and ceiling panels for stargazing, air circulation or just to enjoy a great view of the outdoors
  • It’s very spacious with high ceilings
  • You might need to buy extra stakes just to make sure that it’s sturdy

7. Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

This cheap 10 person tent from Mountain Trails is the perfect family abode for when you’re camping.

It has more than enough space to ensure that everyone is comfortable, and it can even accommodate two queen-sized mattresses.

You can use the included fabric panel to divide the space into two rooms. You can only enter through the two D-style doors which is more than enough to provide ventilation. This is especially when combined with the mesh roof vents.

With its high center height, this tent is large enough to comfortably accommodate adults. Thanks to its dome shape, you’ll find that it’s able to handle windy weather conditions better overall.

  • There’s a rainfly awning over the door
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • It has enough space to accommodate two queen size air mattresses
  • Comes with room divider
  • Features two D-style doors
  • Mesh room vents for air circulation
  • Limited head space
  • One entry door

8. Timber Ridge Large Family Tent

Timber Ridge is one of those niche tent manufacturers that not a lot of people know about but which offers great value nevertheless. The company knows how to cater to outdoor enthusiasts, as shown in this robust and environmentally sound tent.

This well-loved tent comes with a room divider and two D-shaped doors, which says a lot about how spacious and expansive it is. It’s definitely one of the best 10 person tents out there, suitable for different environments.

It offers optimal ventilation thanks to its five windows and a top mesh panel, all of which help to provide great weather protection.

Keep in mind that this is a multi-purpose tent that can be utilized for camping, hiking or even for a barbecue. The best part is that it’s backed by a one-year warranty.

  • Easy entry
  • It can take some rain beating
  • Spacious enough to accommodate a family of ten and it comes with a room divider
  • Comes with numerous accessories
  • Multi-purpose and versatile design
  • Easy to set up
  • Fragile room zipper
  • The structure is questionable

How to Choose the Best 10 Person Tent

The next step is to consider the following factors and features during your search:


Tent material is extremely important because it determines how strong it’s going to be and how much it’s going to be able to handle in terms of weather conditions.

With that said, the material should keep the tent light and easy to handle.

Most durable and quality tents are made from either polyester or nylon. These are some of the strongest materials that are thick, lightweight, and waterproof. What more could you ask for?


It’s important to get a tent that’s made by a well-known brand.

While there’s no shortage of mega-mart chain tents that you can get for a sweet deal, nothing beats a proper brand tent if you want to own it for more than one season.


Basically, if you’re traveling with a party of 5 you should purchase a tent fit for nine to ten people.

This is the only way to ensure that you’ll be able to stay comfortable while accommodating everyone’s gear and electronics.


You also want a tent that’s easy to set up in a matter of minutes. The last thing you want is to spend hours trying to install it or needing more than one person to set it up.


Make sure that your tent has at least a height of 72 inches to ensure that you won’t be butting heads while walking around inside.


It’s also important to ensure that your tent is well-ventilated and comfortable, with enough doors, windows, and mesh air panels to maintain optimal air circulation.

Open Area

The tent’s main cabin should be a spacious area where you can comfortably move around even though you have lots of gear and mattresses about.


The thing about large tents is that they’re no cakewalk to install, especially if you don’t have the right gear.

Tent poles are essential not just for the installation but for protecting the structure by keeping it stable and easy to carry.

Make sure the poles are made either from aluminum or fiberglass for the best results.

Weather Fly

You should also ensure that the tent comes with an awning or weather fly to provide further protection from the sun or the rain.

A weather fly often doubles as a detachable gazebo which is great for when you’re entertaining outside.


You should also ensure that the tent’s floor is made from durable materials as well because it might come across rocks, debris, and other kinds of rough surfaces that require a sturdy material.

The floor should also offer some kind of insulation to protect you from the weather no matter what the conditions are like.

The good news is that most tents are constructed with a heavy-duty floor which is comfortable underfoot while providing breathability and waterproof protection.

Doors and Windows

Another key to finding a 10 person instant tent is to make sure that it’s well-ventilated and comes with enough doors and windows to maintain optimal airflow.

Having multiple openings will also ensure that the tent is comfortable to be in and easy to get in and out of.

Just make sure those openings can be closed properly so as to maintain privacy, security, and protection while preventing condensation.

Final Thoughts

Well, as you can see it’s not that hard to find a good tent, so long as you know what your options are and what features and considerations to keep in mind as you go about the shopping experience.

We definitely provided you with all the information you need to find a tent that suits your needs. But, if you need extra help deciding on one particular option, then we’d be happy to recommend the Coleman WeatherMaster Outdoor Tent.

We like this tent because it’s easy to set up, it’s comfortable and well-ventilated. It’s also incredibly spacious and can comfortably accommodate ten people and two queen-sized mattresses at once.

Thanks to its quasi-dome shape, this tent is really easy to move around in. It also comes with several large windows and two doors to facilitate air circulation and electrical cord access ports to recharge your electronics.

The tent’s durability, on the other hand, is evident from the inverted seams and welded floors. This is definitely the perfect tent for “glamping” because it has all the makings of a comfortable outdoor abode, and can accommodate everyone and all of their gear!


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